Esophagus – anastomosis – removal of the tumor

By | March 21, 2012

Esophagus – anastomosis – to remove the tumor, according to tumor location and size, determine the scope of gastrectomy. On esophageal cancer, but simply the normal and gastric cardia bend without lymph node, could cut off at the cardia or done under the stomach of gastric resection.
When the cardia has been affected, it should be about 5cm away from cancer at the edge of the body of stomach removed, keep small parts of the lesser curvature the greater curvature, and more generally in the lesser curvature the greater curvature of the mid-point between the midpoint and slope do line cut. If a large tumor has involved more than half of the body of stomach, total gastrectomy should be considered done.
Esophagus – anastomosis – to remove the tumor, between the two intestinal forceps cut the stomach, in addition to the greater curvature of gastric stump leaving about 3cm wide to prepare and esophageal anastomosis, the rest of the sections in the intestinal clamp on to do two layer continuous suture. If the body of stomach with a stomach clamp to live, you can clamp the following in the stomach, small curved side of the start of a row interrupted or continuous suture mattress suture to about 3cm away from the greater curvature is found. Should be a slight overlap between the continuous suture to prevent gastric vascular ligation of the bleeding is not due.
In addition, the esophagus – gastric anastomosis – a tooth to remove the tumor with a hemostatic clamp straight live 3cm greater curvature at the gastric body, prepared to do consistent, in the stomach between the clamp and cut out a row of stitches have been pressing the stomach clamp stomach tissue. Do in the lesser curvature after the mattress suture to upper corner of the embedding, the remaining stump to do muscular layer of interrupted or continuous suture pulp embedded. At this point, the tubular body of stomach.

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