Esophageal cancer chemotherapy the use of uranium along

By | March 19, 2012

Shun uranium usage (1) intravenous infusion
typical doses
a. Each 30mg/ml, 1 per day, once every 3 as a cycle, do proper hydration diuretic, the first intravenous infusion of normal saline 250ml (can be given prophylactic antiemetic drugs), and then joined the physiology of uranium along 250ml saline intravenously; thereafter plus 10% glucose solution 1000, and 20mg plus intravenous furosemide into the map, that is appropriate hydration diuretic, according to the amount of the day out of the situation fluid and diuretics.
b. Each time 20mg/ml, 1 per day, once every 5 days a cycle, the dose of 500ml saline infusion can be.
Shun uranium usage, each 80-120mg/ml, 1 times or 2 times, 1 cycle of administration, the dose must be given formal hydration diuretic (usually in the high dose of DDP prior to administration give liquids such as saline or glucose injection Kam chloride solution 1000ml plus 15mg). High-dose DDP 200ml diluted with normal saline drip. With the DDP to the 20% mannitol previous 250, or DDP give 20% mannitol before the treatment time of 125, DDP and then drop after drop of 20% mannitol 125ml faster to achieve the diuretic effect, the general day to the liquid the amount of 3000-4000, the infusion before injection of uranium from the cis 6h started, continued to shun uranium drops so far after 6-12h. Some of the first administration of high dose cis uranium, the continuous infusion of 3, the infusion time, in accordance with urine output to the Gap Sammy 40mg, into the vein. 1000ml of liquid to each input bait chloride 15mg, adding sulfuric acid was also added 19 / L. Outpatients can be made abroad hour program: 500 to the DDP before the infusion, the infusion 2hoDDP drip infusion after their 1000, add mannitol 40g, infusion cents. Inpatient program is available on 36h: 12h prior to transfusion 2000 DDP, cis uranium drops after their infusion 5000, the infusion of 24h, each 1000ml of liquid plus mannitol 40g. Note: close observation of the signs of fluid overload, and timely manner; the treatment of recurrent serum electrolytes, urea nitrogen and creatinine so as to avoid serious renal toxicity, time to 50mg/ml above normal hydration should also be given diuretic .
Shun uranium usage (2) arterial administration
interventional chemotherapy.Shun uranium usage, drug combination, every time 30_50mg/ml, 3_4 Week 1. dual chemotherapy. Used to large doses of local tumor chemotherapy drugs, the body to the drug to rescue medication to alleviate the high-dose chemotherapy toxic effects of drugs on the body, to improve the efficacy of the purpose, which is dual chemotherapy. According to this role, the HD-DDP by the chest, abdomen, hepatic artery or other means of bronchial artery administration, local access to high levels of tumor anti-cancer drug, by intravenous infusion of STS (sodium thiosulfate) to rescue the body DDP toxicity. chest, abdominal delivery methods. Mainly for the treatment of malignant pleural and ascites patients. Intrapleural chest and abdomen every 40_80mg, 1 week 1 times, 2_3 times as a course of treatment.

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