Esophageal cancer chemotherapy Notes uranium along

By | March 19, 2012

Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug cis uranium Note
(1) must shun the use of uranium for the corresponding hydration dose diuretic, when the diary intake and output, to avoid renal toxicity, per cycle should be done before the kidney function tests, this point can not be ignored.
Shun uranium Note (2) make prevention of gastrointestinal reaction, and according to reactions given in time, so to minimize vomiting.
(3) ask the patient should pay attention to whether the tinnitus, in time, withdrawal observation.
Shun uranium Note (4) past history of chronic kidney disease is disabled.
(5) with various inhibitors or radiation therapy combined with bone marrow, can increase the toxicity, dosage should be reduced.
(6) used along with taxol can lead after the clearance of paclitaxel decreased by 33%, and severe bone marrow suppression.
Shun uranium Note (7) combined with immunosuppressive agents may increase the nephrotoxicity of immunosuppressive agents, if must be combined with monitoring of renal function should be closely observed.

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