Divided into several pancreatic cancer radiotherapy

By | October 28, 2011

Radiotherapy of pancreatic cancer is divided into: pancreatic cancer radiation therapy can be divided into radical radiotherapy and palliative radiotherapy two. Refers to the so-called radical radiotherapy is to destroy the tumor locally, access to sustainable local and regional control, so that long-term survival of patients. The concept of radical surgery is the same, means nothing more than a difference in terminology.
When the radical treatment, because for tumor regression of tumors, but also the tumor cells around the tumor region are eliminated (malignancy not look like the ball then the rules, but the same as the stumps, having roots in disorder ), so a large dose of radiation, exposure to wide range, and thus the damage to normal tissue is relatively large. Thus, when asked to do radical radiotherapy to accurately locate the tumor tissue, normal tissue damage as little as possible.
Radiotherapy of pancreatic cancer is divided into: palliative pancreatic cancer surgery, radiotherapy and palliative treatment is basically the same. It is the role of the tumor with radiation therapy to relieve symptoms caused by some local. Such as cancer pain, bleeding cancer, pancreatic cancer of the biliary tract obstruction and duodenal obstruction, to reduce the yellow disease and anorexia, nausea and vomiting.
According to the characteristics of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer is generally palliative radiotherapy radiotherapy, because the unique position more adjacent organs, therefore, often more precise target selection of radiation, such as the y knife.

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