The diagnosis of skin cancer

By | October 28, 2011

Here is the skin cancer diagnosis:
Early erythema or skin cancer are generally slightly higher than the skin lesions of the main hill-doped samples, surface scaling and crusts. When after a certain stage of development to some of the characteristics of the signs often the diagnosis. The performance of nodular basal cell carcinoma samples for the shiny translucent papules nodules, the surface of bleeding and telangiectasia. Different skin cancer, its clinical performance is not entirely the same. In general, smaller lesions suspected skin cancer, in addition to the head and face, the removal of nodules can be a definite diagnosis, but for larger lesions, a line can not be removed or repaired with skin graft or defects, in particular, those who have ulcers. advised to cut nodules, pathological diagnosis are clearly defined, do further processing. Response to blood, lymphatic system function network status abnormalities, allergic spot, immune suppression and abnormal for blood coagulation system check. Basal cell carcinoma should be the head skull X-ray to clarify whether the destruction of bone, parallel chest, B ultrasound and CT examination and other appropriate help to understand the state of the body functions of other organs, distant metastasis, in order to choose the most appropriate treatment.

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