Common method of psychological treatment of cancer patients

By | March 26, 2012

Psychological treatment of cancer patients: With the constant awareness of cancer, treatment is also more and more, since the man of the day to constantly battle with cancer, tried to use various methods to treat cancer, such as China two thousand years try to use before detoxification, Endometriosis, scar treatment of lung bleeding volume, Ruyan, etc.; Western medicine hopes to groan compounds "fire with fire" treatment of cancer, until the 20th century, 40 years nitrogen mustard used in lymphoma treatment, thus exposing opened a new chapter in cancer chemotherapy.
Surgery in the 18th century through the death of people's pain, bleeding, infection, after three tests, has been rapid development. Roentgen Ray discovery provides the possibility for the death of radiation oncology surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy is the current and even future primary means of treating cancer, in addition, there are endocrine therapy, immunotherapy and biological therapy of Chinese medicine, etc. , which are localized surgery and radiation treatment, the rest is systemic therapy. Each method has its indications and contraindications, which means that has its own advantages and limitations. Thus, treatment of the tumor is not a treatment method that can solve all.
Psychological treatment of cancer patients: current domestic and foreign scholars have stressed the multi-disciplinary collaboration and multi-method coordination. Moreover, the level of cancer treatment has been since ancient times: only some patients can be cured, large numbers of patients for the relief of symptoms, and all patients require care and attention, as in many countries, especially developing countries, the majority of cancer patients at diagnosis , are beyond the scope of a radical, therefore, palliative treatment (also known as palliative, soothing treatment) patients in the most common tumors account for more important position, especially in China has more important and realistic significance.
WHO integrated control rules to determine the cancer including prevention, early diagnosis, radical treatment, the control of pain and other symptoms four key palliative treatment. Palliative treatment is no cure for cancer patients has been a positive, comprehensive treatment, the patient's symptoms (especially pain) collision system, psychological disorders, social and spiritual problems to address critical. It was concerned that the quality of life, rather than length of life. Psychotherapy can help patients reach and maintain their physical, emotional, spiritual, professional and social capacity in the best condition, so that patients and families get the maximum comfort, the best possible quality of life.
We have long observed in clinical psychological treatment of cancer patients, adverse psychological factors and cancer is not only an important psychological reason for poor cancer patients but also an important factor in the top post. When a person is diagnosed with a cancer and, if the difference between psychological, nervous over-strain, mental anguish, emotional upset, showing impatience anxiety, irritability or depressed, lonely, too many anomalies to consider seven kinds of emotional changes, all day long in a disturbed environment, and even loss of confidence in life, leading to proliferation of tumor metastasis, there are plenty of life, the spirit of these adverse factors are Aixi Bao best promote active agent for cancer treatment is very bad , in this state of mind no matter how positive the chemotherapy, radiotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine will not receive the desired therapeutic effect.
Medical card points in the psychological treatment of attention to cancer patients: psychological factors in the treatment of cancer in the role of the special status of that person's spiritual and physical health are closely related, is an indivisible unity of the whole, healthy, energetic, internal organs perform their duties, the body healthy and free from disease, and vice versa led to the body, "infuriating" dissipation, riddled with mosquitoes. Chinese medicine, psychological therapy is an important aspect of the root of the problem, emphasizing the rule of people is more important than cure, cure heart disease emphasis on the rule, China has a saying, "started the trouble had to end it," "heart disease and medicine for the heart also."
Cancer patients in clinical work, psychological treatment methods, we see a lot of sick patients with cancer temptation due to emotional causes, so clinicians treat the same time, should explore the transgressors, timely Bandiao pressure in the pressure and patients ideological burden, except in the patient journey across a stumbling block. Peace of mind should treat cancer, "via" in the experience of a number of centenarians live longer, pointed out: no ideas of suffering within the heart tim happy to contentment is power, not spacious body, spirit lingers also hundreds number. That means that the spirit of optimism, good humor, without thinking of the burden, do not worry about the outcome, can make healthy living to a hundred. Modern medical research has proved a great relationship between cancer and mental factors. Therefore, cancer patients have to maintain a good attitude, a happy mood to face cancer.

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