Cancer treatment operation points

By | April 2, 2012

Cancer treatment operation points 1. Bone marrow puncture
1) Clinical significance: Guchuan very commonly used clinically, its significance is: Analysis of the cause of abnormal blood cells; stages of blood diseases; clear whether some solid tumors, bone marrow infiltration.
2) Contraindications: platelets less than 20X109 / L; sternum or ribs with osteolytic lesions, should select the sternal puncture; heparin were.
3) The puncture site: After the spine of Confucianism, the most commonly used; complications of sternal angle: mainly infection and hematoma formation; for the prevention of infection, should be carried out strictly in accordance with the sterile operating procedures, after the puncture with a sterile gauze covering 24 hours, 1 week ban submerged puncture; for the prevention of hematoma formation, bone needle pull pressure with sterile gauze after 5 – 10 minutes.
Cancer treatment operation points 2. Lumbar puncture
1) Indications: Treatment of tumor associated with the prevention of violations conducted by some of the central tumor had a tumor chemotherapy and the treatment of central violations.
2) Contraindications: increased intracranial pressure; puncture site infection; coagulopathy.
3) The puncture site: waist 4 – 5 disc space is recommended puncture point.
4) complications: Central headache: about 20% of the patients, which is characterized by the patient in standing position, with occipital pain, while supine, pain, severe symptoms that last for 1 week; treatment, including possible bed rest, adequate intake of fluids, take pain agent; and by root injury: to avoid, should try to choose low lumbar puncture point gap; brain pain: occurs mainly in patients with intracranial hypertension, but know the place reasons, generally be avoided; infection include: meningitis, such as sterile operating procedures were in strict accordance with, can be avoided.
Cancer treatment operation points 3. Abdominocentesis
1) Indications: the nature of ascites to identify a tumor or non-neoplastic; the treatment of malignant ascites; peritoneal metastasis of gastrointestinal cancer after prophylactic treatment.
2) Contraindications: None special.
3) The puncture site: umbilical connection with the pubic symphysis 1 / 3; umbilical connection with the outside of Confucianism spine 1 / 3 points.
4) complications: less, but infection, bleeding, ascites leakage and perforation of abdominal organs.
Cancer treatment operation points 4. Thoracentesis
1) Indications: diagnosis of pleural effusion; the treatment of malignant pleural effusion; pleural effusion drainage.
2) Contraindications: coagulopathy; artillery emphysema; arrhythmia; puncture site with cellulitis.
3) The puncture site: recommended choice posterior axillary line 7 – 8 intercostal space, if B can be guided by ultrasound before the ribs in the fifth, seventh and ninth after the ribs after the ribs were.
4) Complications: pneumothorax; infection.
Cancer treatment operation points 5. Solid tumors puncture
1) Indications: surface or deep organ tumor diagnosis; certain cancer drugs.
2) Contraindications: coagulopathy; the surface of the body surface mass infection.
3) The puncture site: direct use of fine needle surface mass of people, drawing cells, the smears; of deep organ tumors, the assistance in imaging with a special puncture needle to obtain tissue.
4) Complications: infection; puncture deep organs of tumor-prone and bleeding.

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