Anatomy and physiology of the stomach – anatomy of the stomach

By | April 3, 2012

Anatomy and physiology of the stomach – anatomy of the stomach, the stomach is the most swollen part of the digestive tract, on even the esophagus, duodenum under continued. Because of its size and shape filling the stomach level, posture and body size and other conditions are different. Adults in the moderate degree of filling the stomach, the average length (major stomach fundus to bend down side) is 25_30cm, the stomach capacity of about 1500ml.
Two points up and down the stomach, the size of two corners and around the two walls, and can be divided into four. Select the stomach catchy, said door connected esophagus. Under the port said the pylorus, through the duodenum. Lesser curvature of the stomach, the stomach is equivalent to the upper right edge of the door extends to the pylorus ERA. When the stomach locking meal examination, the lowest in the stomach at the lesser curvature, can be seen clearly all the tracks, said corner notch, it is the Ministry of gastric body and pyloric stomach lesser curvature of the boundaries. Big Bend began in the stomach responsible for the door notch, the notch to the left edge of the esophagus and stomach greater curvature starting premises posed an acute angle. Greater curvature of the stomach from the beginning of an arc convex to the left, forming the upper bound of fundus, greater curvature of the stomach after arc convex to the left, then convex forward and down, until the 10th costal plane. Preservatives had been fixed empty stomach, the anterior and posterior wall is very clear, filling the stomach before and after does not exist two distinct wall.
Anatomy and physiology of the stomach – anatomy of the stomach, the stomach of four, namely: the Ministry responsible for the door, fundus, gastric body and pyloric part. Select portal that part of the stomach around the door Gong, and other parts of the stomach no visible boundaries. By histological methods can be sure the door for the Ministry responsible for gastric gland containing the Select gate. Is different from other Department of gastric glands. Fundal notch above the level of blame part of the door, also known as gastric fornix, which contains the ingested air (about 5Oml); x-ray visible on the bubble, called the stomach bubble in radiology. Gastric body and fundus continued with the top, the lower bound for the angle of bending in the stomach and the small notch in the greater curvature of stomach no obvious landmarks generally greater curvature of stomach started to walk into nearly horizontal at the boundary, in addition to the connection with the angular notch of stomach body and pyloric part of the dividing line.
Pylorus and pyloric home between the lower bound of the gastric body. The left side of the Ministry of Helicobacter pylori is more expanded, said Yemen sinus; the right side of the Ministry of elongated tubular, luminal narrowing, said the pyloric. Pyloric antrum of the stomach is usually the lowest ranking Ministry of pyloric length 2_3cm. Gastric ulcer and gastric cancer occur in the stomach pyloric antrum stomach near the lesser curvature at, clinically called "gastric" that the door than sinus, including the pyloric antrum or pylorus, including the Ministry.
Rib in the left quarter of the stomach most of the area, a small part in the belly area. Anterior wall of the stomach and liver in the left lobe of the right side close to the left and leap adjacent to the bow of the cover for the left rib cage. Between the left lobe of liver and stomach anterior wall between the arch rib cage, directly compared with the anterior abdominal paste. The stomach wall and membrane, transverse colon, left kidney and left adrenal gland adjacent to the adjacent gastric and breast and spleen.
Select the location of the door and H. relatively fixed, select the left side of the door at the 11th thoracic vertebra, the right of H. pylori in the vicinity of a lumbar vertebra. The location of the greater curvature of the lower stomach, the minimum is generally in the umbilical plane.
Anatomy and physiology of the stomach – the stomach's anatomy, the location of the stomach due to size, position, filling the stomach and other conditions vary widely different, chunky body's stomach, the higher the location, the location of thin-type than by the stomach low. Gastric muscle tone is low, standing after satiation, the greater curvature of the stomach down to the lowest level up to Confucianism Kawasaki.

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