Theory of cancer radiotherapy

By | March 30, 2012

Here to talk about the story. Is the anchor of the discoverer, Marie Curie, she anchored in the study have appeared in the course of radiation dermatitis, which people think it can anchor the treatment of skin diseases. Marie Curie by an anchor of the samples to Louis Hospital in Paris, they used this sample to the treatment of benign skin diseases and skin cancer. The results confirm that skin cancer can be cured by exposure to anchor. Grubbe, a Chicago physician named, in 1896, an X-ray cured of women with breast cancer. This is the start of radiation therapy of cancer. The basic principles of radiation treatment of cancer is the use of radiation kill cancer cells.
Theory of cancer radiation therapy, although radiation on cancer cells and normal cells have a killing effect, but the killing effect on cancer cells is far greater than normal cells. Lower the degree of cell differentiation and proliferation capacity of the stronger, the greater the killing effect of radiation it.
There are many types of radiation used in radiation therapy and radiation for disease diagnosis is different. Theory of cancer radiotherapy, radiation therapy used three main sources: radioactive isotopes released , -ray; X-line treatment machine and the different types of accelerator energy X-ray; various types of electron beam accelerator, protons beams, neutron beams and other heavy ion beam.
Theory of cancer radiotherapy, radiation passes through biological tissue, causing ionization of water molecules inside and outside cells, cells from the water, producing a variety of ions and oxygen free radicals. These ions act on the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), causing DNA single strand or double strand breaks, resulting in irreversible damage, thereby causing cell death, and tissue and organ damage and destruction. Cells after irradiation damage and chromosome aberrations, cell cycle, resulting in extended or split the delayed change in the radiosensitivity of cells, some cells lose proliferative capacity and cell function changes. If the cell death and loss of reproductive capacity will result in damage to normal tissue and cancer tissue subsided.

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