The mistake of chemotherapy

By | October 11, 2011

General misconception of chemotherapy are as follows:
1.Do not believe that chemotherapy
Although some patients that chemotherapy can kill cancer cells, but the damage to human righteousness, could not cure cancer spring, that "cancer on the left got a half life, half of chemotherapy will lose lives," and believe the recipe prescription or pure Chinese medicine treatment.Some prescription of specific cancers, has a good effect, such as the recent application of rock agents (sulfide rock"~oxidation of rock)in thetreatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia flat complete remission rate of95% to100%, but large series of clinical studies have shown that complete remission after long-term survival, still requires a combination of intensive chemotherapy. and should know that chemotherapy can cure some of the tumor itself. 
Thus chemotherapy, or chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy, surgery, treatment, and other biological therapies such as Chinese medicine is an effective cancer treatment eve law, any doubts or reject chemotherapy practices are completely wrong.
Chemotherapy misconception 2.Too much emphasis on chemotherapy, all rely on chemotherapy to kill tumor cells
Malignant cells could theoretically produce a sufficient to kill the host tumor, want to cure, you have to kill every tumor cell.Anti-tumor drugs are generally a constant percentage (logarithmic) instead of a fixed number of killed cells.Such as a severe acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients, may contain 1012 or11worthy of the tumor cells, using a drug which can kill99.99%of the tumor cells, it will cause tumors to reduce to about 100mg, to as clinical complete remission, but the body is that there is still0.001%of the tumor cells, which1012XO.01%b 108 tumor cells, these residual tumor cells are the root cause of disease recurrence.Based on this principle, people are trying drugs through the combined use of several chemical or sequential administration in order to kill all tumor cells.But after a certain magnitude, is generally believed that below 106, chemotherapy drugs is difficult to play a bigger role, should be combined with other treatments to eliminate or keep the tumor cells.
Has already taken a number of cancers may be cured by chemotherapy.Should also see some of chemotherapy cure cancer, but the most common clinical entities such as non-small cell lung cancer tumors of gastrointestinal fly cancer, liver cancer , cancer development, such as head and neck cancer, chemotherapy is still not satisfied with the current .Chemotherapy with other means of treatment of malignant tumors such as surgery, radiation therapy, Chinese medicine, etc. are only means of treatment has its indications.Comprehensive treatment should be taken, such as post-chemotherapy should be combined with traditional Chinese medicine, protection of human immune function (ie, in TCM, righteousness).
Chemotherapy misconception 3.Chemotherapeutic drugs in the wrong way to understand
That from the intravenous injection of chemotherapy drugs can be injected, a small amount of leakage from the vessels does not matter.This is wrong, most of the local chemotherapy drugs can not cry fire, otherwise it would cause local necrosis, resulting in serious consequences.Extravascular leakage of chemotherapy drugs active when handled.Route of administration of chemotherapy drugs generally have the following:
(1)intravenous injection: general most of the chemotherapy drugs through the static 'sky-efficient injection into the body, and some drugs at high concentrations irritating to the large blood vessels must be diluted to a certain concentration (eg, cyclophosphamide delay households) to apply .Some drugs can be added directly from the drug infusion tube, such as daunorubicin, vincristine and so on.
(2)intramuscular injection: Some drugs can be injected into the muscle, the human body, such as Ara moonlight suffering.Intramuscular injection, absorption is faster.Must be pointed out; intramuscular injection of drugs through intravenous drug use can, but the ownership in the property can be intramuscular injection, most of the local injection of chemotherapy drugs can not, or will cause local necrosis, resulting in serious consequences, we must attach great importance to .
(3)subcutaneous injection: a very small number of chemotherapy drugs may be administered, the commonly used hard drugs such as Ara.Subcutaneous injection to delay the drug absorption rate, the rapid failure of drug team.Most of the clothes can be injected chemotherapy drugs, or can lead to severe local tissue necrosis.
(4)Oral: intestinal absorption into the body through the sky effect.Easy to use oral chemotherapy drugs, but from the slow release, and some can cause gastrointestinal side effects.
Erroneous understanding of chemotherapy (5)in the body cavity of chemotherapy: for the pericardial cavity, chest cavity, abdominal cavity fluid and other cancer treatments such as intra-abdominal chemotherapy to treat ovarian cancer and gastrointestinal cancer caused by malignant ascites .For intraperitoneal administration of a 5 fluorouracil, doxorubicin and cisplatin and so on.
(6)Rene administration: Rene administration by lumbar puncture, or buried under the scalp straight injection capsule, the chemotherapy drugs into the cerebrospinal fluid, commonly used in the treatment of meningeal leukemia, leaching Pat tumor , or other entity of the central nervous cancer system violated.Department of mushroom-like capsule injection with a long tube of silicon capsule, silicon hose operation after piercing the lateral ventricles fixed in the scalp, through the scalp, the drug can be injected into the capsule with the cerebrospinal fluid circulation.
(7)arterial chemotherapy: The development of interventional therapies are widely open, the drug through the catheter directly into the tumor site, such as interventional therapy for primary liver cancer or metastatic cancer treatment.Yue management of carotid artery branch was used for head and neck and intracranial tumors.
(8)local administration: Some skin cancer or cervical cancer can be directly coated with the chemotherapy drugs.
Erroneous understanding of chemotherapy (9)can also be made of liposome chemotherapy microspheres, drug concentration to reach the tumor target; how to improve the efficacy, are still under study.

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