Growth and proliferation of cancer cells

By | October 11, 2011

With the activation of oncogenes and tumor virus trouble, I do not know what time the body had quietly cancer cells, in the beginning no one would pay attention.Prelude to this tragedy is God in the middle of many normal cells appeared not to know ghosts do not realize that a cell society, cancer cells one by one the rebels.If the first cell is a flagrant arises.It is not escaped immune surveillance network, and a play will be caught.However, cancer cells do not reveal themselves at the beginning of nature, but secretly growth, increased one point bit more.Hiding in the other cells continue to grow, gradually open to reveal the nature.After they broke through the walls of their own, with lymphatic vessels that channel, continuing to spread throughout the body away.
Cancer cell growth is how the case?In this process the human body, both parents cancer, but also bringing it grow, if that actually out of a home in the inverse, when too late, her husband never looked back.Life of cancer cells from a baby long as teenagers, and grown up, which is about20years to go through the time, but life is a tragedy of cancer cells, in the continuous process of growing up, there is too much emphasis on its own to expand its own forces, but all this is precisely the process of self-destruction, when the cancer is not a time of potential, it also destroyed their host-the human body.With the death of cancer patients, cancer cells also will be dead.
Cancer cell growth in vivo growth of any one area can be described as home to the world of adult body cells in approximately 1013, or10trillion cells, in theory, each cell can become a cancer cell.In fact, the10trillion cells, some easy to become cancer cells, and some are not easy to become cancer cells.For cancer, the most important is the proliferation of active cells in the body, especially the source of each tissue cells, skin cells can be used to illustrate.
Cancer cell proliferation is how the case?Skin has a protective effect of physical abuse from the outside world is divided into epidermal and dermal layers.The epidermis from the literal to know, is outside the surface layer of skin, the dermis is the inner layer of the epidermis support.Layer of the epidermis of about from10cells (Fig. 75), the lower layer is a layer of basal cells, basal cells are constantly proliferating, up to promote the skin layers to update, and finally died from the surface of keratinized layers, each multiplication will split itself into two cells, one to go update the old cells, and the other left to continue to divide by cloning.Up update of the cells died after a period of time, because such a process, the thickness of the skin is always about10layers of cells, while the bottom is always basal cells.Like we usually say after the waves pushed before.The basal cells are the source, as (Figure76left), as described in the mortgage, although the proliferation of cells continue to split, but the number does not change.
Correspondingly, the situation is that cancer cells, cancer cells and normal cells different, one becomes two, two become four, four become eight … …, double double to go on the proliferation ofTherefore, the organization will eventually destroy itself, destroying its own wall away.
Like the skin as basal cell proliferation of new cells continue to maintain normal tissue exists, such cells called 'stem cells', is the human tissue "cadres."There are large cadres, cadres of the above, a one of a kind of like a family tree, in which each organization has a cadre, a large cadres exist.For example, blood cells, a large cadre of cadres in the bone marrow, very unfortunately, scientists have on cadres, large cadres is not enough to understand, just skin, blood cells, the situation is more clear, the liver also cadres there, but people do not understand their situation.
Back to the topic of cancer, then lead on this issue only if the role of carcinogens in normal cells but not stem cells, then, say, the surface layers of the epidermis cells, it is no effect, because those cells derived from stem cells near automatically dead.However, if the role of stem cells to them? No doubt the result of that role to continue to continue, so the stem cells to become carcinogenic goal of the first attack, the first attack of cadres, "the truth appears to be universal .
Such as blood, skin cells of these organizations, around the clock is located in the process of constantly upgrading its stem cell proliferation continues.In contrast, organizations such as the liver only when necessary, only the proliferation of stem cells, under normal circumstances is still dormant.But virtually no proliferation of nerve cells.It appears that some of our body is constantly in the proliferation of cells, some of the proliferation activities only when necessary, while others stem cell proliferation is no longer happening.Proliferation of suspension even if it is still a "Battle Preparation" cells, these cells also afraid of carcinogen attack.
Cell proliferation activity is a cyclical circle, after a second division, after theG1phase to enterSphaseDNAsynthesis,DNAsynthesis is completed and then entered into theQof mitosis(Mphase), in this period, each kinds of cells ofSphase andG2are fixed length, respectively,8-10hours and2-4hours, the pace of proliferation of the decision by the G1,G1phase of the suspension into a "reserve" status, of medicine is called Go.G.One of the cells in case of emergency to enter theG1phase, then split to start again.
Under normal circumstances the liver cells in G.The state, if the liver after partial damage to the liver cells began to proliferate until the repair of damage as before, once the attack on theGoperiod carcinogenic liver stem cells, the liver began to proliferation, however, the liver is damaged and the situation is different, carcinogens activation of oncogenes, then would lose control of cell proliferation, not a "fix as before the stop" situation, but hesitate to grow down.
Cancer at the beginning, there are several cancer cells it? Maybe you will not believe cancer is only the first birth of a terrible cancer for eleven to eventually host a huge fall, a large number of cancer cell growth everywhere in the human body can be spread of cancer metastasis, and cancer cells initially but only one has really alone.Just as Adam and Eve started with just the two of them, but today the world's population has reached billions of Adam and Eve story is just a word of God only, but cancer cells do actually appear in our physical body.

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