Personality characteristics and behavior and the relationship between tumor

By | March 28, 2012

Personality characteristics and behavior of the relationship with the tumor, clinical psychology study found that personality characteristics and a certain relationship between the occurrence of cancer.
Some scholars in the United States in 1976, 182 subjects by personality characteristics hunger into A, B, C three, followed up for 16 years, the prevalence of personality characteristics and relationship. The results showed that personality characteristics with the C class (introverted character, personality quirks, the surface carefully, sometimes impulsive; name worry though sentimental, but it was brilliant; sometimes requires that the target is high, sometimes requirements are not) a higher prevalence and risk tumors are more.
Personality characteristics and behavior of the relationship with the tumor, and some psychologists also proposed a so-called "cancer personality" concept, a "cancer personality" who has a special behavior and manners, especially psychologically there are special shape. If only we'd care about anything since childhood, loneliness within, not with close friends or parents, adult attachment of a person or their career, and devoted their energies on their spouses, children, once suffered a setback, such a person generally easy to cancer within two years.
Cancer patients, mostly silent, and the long period of loneliness, conflict, disappointment, depression of the situation, demonstrated in particular anxiety and depression. Kidson said: restraint is better and more cancer patients to vent those emotions. Fork of the states: from the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory measure of denial, depression, despair, alienation, such as early loss of maternal love and the occurrence of cancer.
Personality characteristics and behavior of the relationship with the tumor, our scholars proved susceptible to cancer the following personality characteristics: suspicious sentimental, emotional depression are; fiery anger, persons with poor endurance; quiet, indifferent attitude of those things ; unsociable, eccentric person. Although the personality characteristics associated with the incidence of cancer, but after individual's cultural cultivation and efforts can be subtly affected by the personality characteristics and change, thereby reducing the incidence of cancer.

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