Psychological factors and tumor

By | March 28, 2012

The process of the human struggle with cancer found that depression and mental grief, tension, stress response and a heavy spiritual pressure, incentives can become cancer. Dr Lun coffee after observing a large number of cases noted, melancholy than cheerful and lively woman more susceptible to cancer. Another prestigious medical Pate also that, in worrying about, worried about pessimism, the cancer will often take advantage of. Large number of people confirmed by epidemiological surveys and studies, patients with cancer and emotion, which is related to long-term excessive tension and anxiety, stimulate the central nervous system excitation and inhibition can lead to brain disorders, the immune system against cancer of the weakening of its own, so that some cancer cells in vivo.
Psychological factors and cancer incidence 1. Tumors, psychological and social factors:
(1) changes in his life events: life changes in his daily life events is the main stressor, but also psychological factors lead to an unhealthy one. Epidemiological studies pointed out: the event due to changes in his life of chronic mental stress and a high degree of emotional stress and increased incidence of tumors have a certain relationship. Cancer research shows that: patients in the six months to 8 years prior to the onset experienced major life events are often hit. The most pathogenic event is an accident of life lost relatives, such as spouse, parent or child's death. The highest incidence of cancer widows. These high-stress environment that can promote tumor growth and spread.
Han Miao Pu confirmed that the animals placed in stressful situations, the growth rate of cancer than their normal environment, the animals much faster. 1955 Turk Abramovich has also confirmed that stressful situations can stimulate tumor development and progression. 1969 Friedman has pointed out in the study "can now claim: the nature of the environment with the psychological factors that can change the body's resistance to infectious diseases and cancer."
Zhejiang Medical University, dry ginger gold and other clinical control through the survey results show: the history of the onset of cancer ", the family tragedy," "work and study too tight", "interpersonal disharmony" and other life issues are important. Xu Ming, such as West China University of scheduled in April 1985 to 1986, four menstrual oncologist in strict accordance with the clinical diagnosis, pathological diagnosis of 95 cases of breast cancer may have a specific life events experienced, the negative reaction is enhanced, and Special events have a special reaction, self-regulating capacity is low.
50 years in the 20th century, psychologists Lawrence Lacey told the life history of a group of cancer patients were found that the vast majority of people left from the beginning in childhood different levels of psychological scars. If early mourning parents, youth romance, loss of even middle-aged, adult child death and so on. These people hit the life become silent about scarcity, Guying self-pity, loss of confidence in life, lack of enthusiasm on the work of my colleagues did not love, the whole life immersed in pain alone.
German scientists Bar Trudeau Dr Shi survey of 8000 patients with cancer resulted in a similar conclusion. That 8000 cases of malignant tumors in patients with most of its clinical manifestations have occurred in relation to disappointment, loneliness, and other heavy combat and when the frequent occurrence of mental strength. According to reports, a British doctor on 250 cases of cancer patients conducted a comprehensive survey and found that the incidence of cancer, before having received the spirit of combat; 1 / 3 or more. The Song Boshi that the United States, a day of high tension in the environment, causing the blood alcohol concentration of fat in the cortex increased rapidly, resulting in immune organs T, H lymphocytes and other immune components damaged and can not eliminate mutant cells in the body, so the likelihood of cancer was significantly increased.
Psychological factors and cancer incidence, some scholars collected nearly 50 years and found that depression, anxiety, disappointment is difficult to escape the emotional changes of time before the majority of cancer 1 to 2 years. Fei Song in the "Three Kingdoms Wei Zhi Jada Biography" portrays vividly comments Jada quarrel with others "Gassy Health thin" facts. Determined effort is angry "thin" is our modern talking about cancer. Seen in this light, non-mental health, does the occurrence of cancer can take the gap created.

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