Introduction of tumor metastasis

By | April 2, 2012

Introduction of tumor metastasis, tumor metastasis is the primary site of malignant tumor cells from the off, and transferred through a variety of ways to other parts of the body and continue to grow and form new tumors in the course of the same nature. The original tumor, called the "primary tumor", formed by the transfer of the new tumor is called "metastatic tumor" or "secondary tumors."
Introduction of tumor metastasis, benign and malignant tumors also, but only the malignant tumor will metastasize. Tumor metastasis is a complex process: The first step is the transfer from the primary malignant tumor cells must flake off the normal cells and benign tumors were highly organized, firmly linked together, therefore, not falling down cells On the contrary, malignant cells lose the normal adhesion force, it is easy to flake off from the tumor.
After the formation of a localized tumor, the tumor cells to keep dividing, proliferation, tumor growth and increased gradually, while the surrounding normal tissue infiltration and its neighboring cells and the gap in the pipeline through people. Human tumor cells in the process of wearing off at the chamber from the intrusion, along the pipeline to be transported to the compartment with the primary tumor is not continuous with the site.
Introduction of tumor metastasis, when tumor cells into the lymphatic or bloodstream, tumor cells are the body's lymph or blood to the dock down to a part, and endothelial cells are constantly active and adhesion, when the tumor cells in this new environment reproduction, growth, gradually, a stove with the primary tumor has the same structure, known as metastatic tumors clinically.

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