Do children get cancer

By | April 2, 2012

We all know that cancer often occurs in the elderly, then the children get cancer? The answer is yes, in general, with age, increasing the chance of cancer.
Children get cancer? However, the situation of children is the exception, less than 5 years old but the high incidence of young children. The incidence of cancer and two from the peak, one is early childhood, one is old age. Slow is also different from adult and children particularly susceptible to several malignant tumors, open here willing to give a brief nursing.
1. Leukemia: the most common malignancy of children, children usually presents fever, pale, weakness, palpitation, skin, teeth with, nasal bleeding, bone and joint pain, liver, spleen and lymph nodes.
2 brain tumors: usually manifested headache, unexplained vomiting, slurred speech, vision loss, unsteady gait, head circumference increase and so on.
3. Malignant lymphoma: patients showed the neck, armpit, thigh gradually enlarged lymph nodes, without the pain and swelling, or abdominal mass (hepatosplenomegaly), also accompanied by fever, weight loss and so on.
4. Nephroblastoma: 90% occur in children under 10 years of age, tumors in the abdominal cavity often long. Children generally do not usually feel pain, mostly in bathing, dressing or health check before being diagnosed with palpable abdominal mass.
5. Children do get cancer, bone and soft tissue sarcoma: an early manifestation of the shares of the Local lumps and pain. Parents should carefully look after children, the best regular health checks for early detection of disease, the tumor nipped in the bud.

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