How many cancers is to eat out?

By | October 9, 2011

Fudan University in Shanghai Cancer Hospital set a "new record," admitted the youngest so far was only a 14-year-old patient with advanced gastric cancer after a news came soon after, a man in Shenyang, because the over-obsession eat hot pot, the results lead to esophageal cancer … … The relationship between cancer and eating really that close?
That these messages, Beijing Cancer Hospital, a deputy director of parenteral called German physician, said further stunned, but also stressed the patient is "one example", we do not have too much tension.
However, in recent years, gastric cancer, "young" is indeed the trend of more and more obvious, there is no lack of 30-year-old clinic for patients diagnosed with gastric cancer.
Not only the trend of young gastric cancer, breast cancer found more than 20 years old, 30-year-old patient diagnosed with thyroid cancer is not rare, even in the elderly occur in prostate cancer, experts recommend screening for early age of 40 years old.
In the eyes of cancer doctors, cancer, "young" in addition to genetic factors, precancerous lesions and other factors, the bad eating habits are the main predisposing factors.
Here, respected young man needs to be emphasized, "hot" food: spicy lobster, abnormal wings, spicy fish pot, and boiled spicy food, would undermine the gastrointestinal mucosa, so lose their defenses, to cancer cells opportunity. In particular, some young people, not just like "hot Biao", also developed a habit of spicy, no chili, chili sauce to the food that is not fragrant.
Therefore, do not advise young people to detect cancer and other only after their own bad eating habits reflect on a moment's appetite is likely to have planted cancer risk. In this, or to bother to reiterate the recommendations of the World Cancer Research Fund: do not eat pickled, spicy, smoked, fried foods, fast food should not be too hot, drink alcohol, do not smoke, eat with cellulose-rich fresh vegetables and fruits.

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