Kids with carcinogens found in Guangzhou to buy children’s clothing tips

By | October 9, 2011

Children with carcinogens found in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau recently organized the city children's clothing, toys and other holiday hot-selling product sampling found that not only the physical quality of children's clothing the low passing rate, but some brands found banned azo dyes and formaldehyde and other carcinogenic substances. Guangzhou, production of 4 children due to product instructions for use, ingredients such as fiber failure and on the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of the "blacklist."
Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau also informed the random shirts and other clothing products situation. The total sample of Guangzhou, production of 63 batches of shirts and other apparel products, the inspection and in-kind quality standards was 66.7%, mainly as a PH value of the failed projects, fiber and other ingredients and product identification. There are two batches of clothing of which there are important indicators of safety indicators failed banned azo dyes problems, accounting for 3.2% of the total number of spot checks.
Kids find out carcinogens
Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau a total sample of 29 batches of children's clothing, physical quality standards was 72.4%, mainly for the disabled failed project azo dyes, color fastness to perspiration, water fastness and wet rubbing fastness, formaldehyde content, fibers and other ingredients.
It is understood that disabled children and the azo dye of the long-term exposure of human skin after the formation of carcinogenic aromatic amine compounds, after a series of activation will be the incentive for human disease, very serious harm to the body. Encounter poor water fastness of clothing, sweat or saliva, the paint off easily fade, paint the dye molecules and metal ions may be absorbed through the skin, harm children's health. Formaldehyde through skin contact with human respiratory tract and cause respiratory inflammation and skin inflammation, but also on the eye irritation, and may even cause cancer.
The spot checks of children's clothing problem is that the fiber content of cotton products is much less than the actual nominal value, does not deserve serious standard, there is the use of individual enterprises the possibility of identity fraud to deceive consumers.
Failure T shirt still on sale
Reporter yesterday visited found that spot checks found that product instructions for use, fiber ingredients and other projects failed, "Nini" brand T shirt is still sold. A district near the hospital in the south of "Nini" clothing stores, among them the standard model "110" and "120" T-shirt, priced at 100 yuan up or down.
Build quality children's clothing company files
Guangzhou found containing carcinogens children's clothes, children's clothing for quality problems, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said severely punished according to law and public exposure of substandard products business, while all children will be the city's inventory of clothing manufacturers thoroughly, the establishment of quality files. Of random failure, failure to correct or review test still failed enterprises, will be ordered, time limit for rectification; rectification is still unsatisfactory, will be brought to the business sector to revoke its business license.
Kids buying tips
When buying children's clothing logo look out, look for products without trademarks, Chinese factory name and address, type of clothes identification, component identification, certification, product standard number, product quality grade;
Children with attention to accessories, decorations, texture, such as the zipper is smooth, the buttons are solid, Snap Button is suitable for such elastic, with particular attention to the fastness of buttons, or decorative pieces, so easy to tear off the reach of children in the mouth.

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