Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug oxaliplatin experimental study

By | March 19, 2012

Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug oxaliplatin Study
Cyclohexyl 1,2-diamine with burning alternative to DDP of the amino groups of oxalic acid is generated lead, the French research. Oxaliplatin in common with other platinum drugs that are in the role of DNA as the target site, the good fortune from the atom and the formation of cross-linked DNA chain and blocking its replication and transcription.
The dynamic characteristics of DDP was bidirectional DNA binding phase, which combines fast need 15min, the combination of slow to be 4 – 8h. Oxaliplatin pharmacokinetics consistent with two-compartment model, rapid distribution phase, in 15min to complete all DNA, excluding the phase is very slow, half-life of 24h, 3 weeks after the administration could still detect residual buttons, terminal half-life of 230h. Protein binding rate of 90%, 48h administration, the urinary excretion rate of 40% -50% less fecal excretion.
Experimental Study of Oxaliplatin, cancer spectrum cell screening was found oxaliplatin on a variety of mouse, human tumor cells and effective, including DDP has been resistant cell lines (ovarian cancer Az780, murine leukemia L1Z10, etc.), addition of oxaliplatin on human HT29 colon cancer cell line and its drug-resistant strains of lead is particularly significant inhibition.
Experimental Study of Oxaliplatin, animal experiments, a variety of tumors and significantly inhibit DDP resistant tumor, and 5-FU in combination with a synergistic effect. In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that the product with no cross-resistance between DDP.

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