Chinese control the contribution of chemotherapy toxicity

By | March 26, 2012

Looking in the medicine with its own unique theory and the effect of chemotherapy treatment attenuated contributed not only to chemotherapy patients to reduce pain, improve chemotherapy completion rates, but also to the efficiency of chemotherapy in Chinese patients with sensitization and prolonged survival time of hope.Chinese contribution to prevention and treatment of chemotherapy side effects:
History of chemotherapy treatment of cancer not long, but was soon developed, especially in the 20th century, 80 years, new drugs have been put into the market, high-dose chemotherapy and new programs continue to emerge, a wide range and a more intense response to chemotherapy to bring new attenuated subject, rapid development of western drugs attenuated, such as the treatment of severe vomiting, ondansetron, Ondansetron, rapidly enhance the white blood cells Shag Division booths, non-grid Secretary kiosks, Granocyte Day care treatment of drug attenuated old chemotherapy drugs should not stop at the old program, based on the simultaneous development of treatment should be seven to adapt to new changes and solve new problems.
Chinese contribution to prevention and treatment side effects of chemotherapy: the importance of toxicity of chemotherapy is bone marrow suppression, manifested in the peripheral blood of red blood cells, white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, three in the laboratory examination of clinical blood cells, also meaning is completely different, but In Chinese medicine the treatment is almost always rule to blood and Qi Zhu. In fact, the decline in blood components of these three indicators are not the same medicine, in the red blood cells, occurs when the system looking down the white minimalist, dizziness, visual dim, palpitations, fatigue, weakness, pale tongue, thin veins and other blood deficiency diseases, the basic Therapeutic benefits when the blood, C-based, and simple drop of white blood cells or platelets often no deficiency symptoms, treatment systems are used in the treatment of qi is questionable, so the same disease with different treatment and different diseases, based on should be looking for a more accurate treatment process the WBC and platelet decline.
Prescription medicine liters of blood in the traditional tonic ginseng, yellow people, angelica, arrests and other sub-group worship most common number of repeat prescription, these drugs present, approval of new drugs, developers who have a lot of production, from the functions of governance is very much the same range of applications, excessive production of such medicine will inevitably affect the sales. Attenuated from the current application of chemotherapy starting to fly the new rule should look for is, the development of local drug, attenuated chemotherapy fill the gaps.
Chinese contribution to prevention and treatment of chemotherapy side effects: in addition, poisoning the design of clinical observation, many based on traditional Chinese medicine plus chemotherapy and chemotherapy alone between the two groups rarely seen double-blind method of observation. True Western medicine degree greater than placebo, but to make the medicine out of the country with the world, increasing the method of double-blind research design is also very strictly necessary.

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