Chemotherapy toxicity of traditional Chinese medicine on experimental study

By | March 26, 2012

Experimental toxicity of chemotherapy medicine research: Experimental research on Chinese against chemotherapy toxicity of points in the experiment, biological experiments and clinical trials of two parts, experimental medicine mainly to protect the bone marrow and immune targeting section, provided the clinical effects of Chinese herbal medicine theoretical basis. Li Qihai Siwutang such determination of iron, bowl and other trace elements were higher, with the West line correction of iron compounds to treat anemia.
Shu Shufang Siwutang such determination of copper, iron, and other eight kinds of elements have different degrees of liters of blood on blood metabolic stimulation plays an important role in stab spacious. Research also ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum and so rich in organic righting the wrong medicine Yi organic vehicles, with anti-tumor and improve immune function, righting the strengths of these medicines are "law evil" role, and trace elements may be relevant.
Toxicity of chemotherapy medicine Study: Sun Peitong and other research to see that qi and blood calcium deficiency in Hair, Hammer, Ming, iron and other trace elements in less than normal, taking eight treasures soup can be increased, which may be Bazhen make up the basis of qi and blood soup. Shunxiang so ignorant of Chinese medicine observed single-ring filter phosphorus eyes low white blood cell increase due to plastic for 32 species of about 29 effective, including those who have a strong effect of Millettia, Scrophulariaceae, Sadako, Codonopsis, SM, Stone brush, Angelica, psoralen, Si son and others arrested.
Toxicity of chemotherapy medicine Study: Qiu Asia and other research Sijunzitang thymus on the recovery of qi to promote, promotes DNA and DNA synthesis. It was also found that the parties have a variety of animal models of deficiency, "strong" role, so that the ultrastructural damage to a rapid recovery. Tonga ignorant of the composition of the blood to rise angelica oral blood of chemotherapy-induced leukopenia in mice significantly enhance the effect, so that mouse femur, sternum count of nucleated cells within the markedly improved, making liver alcohol than the control group. WANG Gui-Jin and other raw tile, palm Senate Actinidiae things made Spleen Qi oral, animal experiments confirmed that 3 of adriamycin and other chemotherapeutic drugs from a strong overall detoxification.
Xu Jiping Huang Mei and other pills with six against adriamycin, anti-self, vincristine, cyclophosphamide cool plastic, slightly Anhui five kinds of fluorouracil chemotherapy side effects, that can significantly prolong the survival time of tumor-bearing mice, life extension rate 25% to stand, in addition to enhancing protection of liver and kidney function blood also modulates NK cells and T, B lymphocyte function, but also induce interferon. However, Itochu and put forward the letter, from the toxicological considerations, six Mei Huang Wan usual dose is safe, large doses have to transaminase, dehydrogenase, a possible increase in neutral fat.
Furthermore, it was pointed out that Taohongsiwutang, the first two yellow peony soup, such as blood Dangguibuxuetang side of weakness, and notoginseng, angelica, surgery, etc. I Sanjie medicine can increase blood macrophage phagocytosis. Millettia, safflower, Loulu, Vaccaria so on lymphocyte transformation and E-rosette forming rate for roles such as Actinidiae with the promotion of the role of NK cell activity. Solanum nigrum is also the role of white rose, Houttuynia, diffusa, broad bean root also promote the role of phagocytosis.
Experimental toxicity of chemotherapy medicine research: a study found beneficial traditional Chinese medicines Codonopsis alcohol and water extract of oral or subcutaneous injection, can increase the number of rabbit red blood cells and white blood cells, after removal of the spleen is weakened animals, suggesting that Codonopsis The role of the blood and the spleen may be related. Drug analysis also pointed out that Huang Min contains many amino acids, folic acid, Angelica also contains vitamin B, folic acid, and anti-pernicious anemia related. These are some of the traditional Chinese medicine against chemotherapy toxicity provide an experimental basis.

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