What should be done rectal examination

By | January 3, 2012

Rectal examination (1) DRE: DRE, should have in order to make a wall in the circumferential rectal examination. Most patients can be palpable, and broke into the intestine within the tumor or the edge of the uplift of cauliflower central depression or intestinal ulcers was narrow and only capacity into the ring finger. It should also clear the scope and tumor infiltration of the tumor can base activities, and the relationship with adjacent organs, such as whether the prostate was involved, when the ulcer surface rupture, the means often put on blood and mucus. Rectal wall in women with cervical exist, do not mistakenly believe that the tumor.
Straight cancer check (2) colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy: the lower rectum and rectal ampulla rectal tumor endoscopic examination available, the location of the tumor to be taken higher sigmoidoscopy, the use of endoscopy may find cancer early. Examination should form the intestinal mucosa, tumor location and extent of tumor shape to be observed, the general color of cancer than the surrounding normal mucosa was red. When the initial nodular not fester, if has become ulcerative, there turned out the edge of the uplift, the bottom often has a ring of gray and dead.
Rectal examination (3) biopsy: first colon hydrotherapy, until the washing out of material to clarify, through colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy forceps at the edge of a small piece of tumor tissue, pathological examination, as a preoperative diagnosis.
Rectal examination (4) X-ray examination: the diagnosis of some help. The general perspective taken by barium enema, this time on the X-ray can be seen as incomplete or partial shadow intestine barium narrow, irregular margin, mucosa disappeared or incomplete, etc., under the local perspective is sometimes hard mass palpable mass. When obstruction occurs in the upright or photography can be seen down the general perspective of the inflatable fluid within the intestinal song plane. X-ray examination can be estimated by the approximate location obstruction.
Rectal examination (5) cytology: This method is convenient and, in the diagnosis makes sense.

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