What are the characteristics of ovarian tumors

By | January 3, 2012

Characteristics of ovarian tumors, ovarian gonadal female reproductive system organs, located in the pelvic cavity, on both sides of the uterus, fallopian tubes at the bottom. Chengbian oval shape, and one each in left and right sides. The main function of ovarian ovulation and the secretion of female hormones, these two functions are called ovarian function and reproductive endocrine function. In addition to the synthesis and secretion of ovarian estrogen and progesterone, can also secrete small amounts of male hormones. As ovarian endocrine organ, contained in the cell components and more complex organizational structure, can produce different types of tumors. The majority of benign ovarian cystic tumors substantial majority were malignant. Some benign tumors could be transformed into malignant; the incidence of benign and malignant ratio of about 9:1.
Ovarian tumor characteristics, adolescent women are benign ovarian tumors, but also many malignant ratio, compared to other age groups is higher and should therefore be vigilant, especially found in mass than the real, hard, grow rapidly when the ovarian tumor can be benign, malignant and benign and malignant tumors at the junction, and its pathological variety, according to classification of ovarian tissue can be divided into:
(1) germ cell tumor derived from germ cells and their organizations, including the element cell tumor, teratoma, endodermal sinus tumor, choriocarcinoma and other tumors.
(2) germinal epithelial tumors account for about 40% of all tumors, there are serous and mucinous and mixed epithelial germinal tumor, malignant transformation is higher;
(3) sex cord stromal tumors account for about 6% of ovarian tumors, such tumors are more complex, composed of a variety of cells can separate the corresponding tumors, ovarian or testicular type two cell types in the same tumor may appear more 4 cell types seen in the tumor at the same time.
(4), steroid cell tumors, steroid cell tumors, similar to the luteal cells from the stromal cells, adrenal cortical cells of the large round or large polygonal cells. The past, said lipid or lipid cell tumor cell tumor.
The most common in clinical ovarian tumor epithelial tumors and germ cell tumors, the former accounting for 60% -70%, which accounted for 15% -20%. Among them, the mucinous epithelial tumors and serous tumors, germ cell tumor choriocarcinoma, endodermal sinus tumor and embryo is most common. Ovarian malignancy usually referred to as ovarian cancer. Age of ovarian cancer is the most wide gynecological tumors can occur in any period of life of women. Epithelial carcinoma occurred in elderly women over the age of 40 while women account for 95% of germ cell tumors occur more common in more than 44 years of age 44 years the incidence decreased gradually. Per cell tumor more common in young people and young girls under 20, malignant teratoma were 14-21 years old age, and various types of poorly differentiated cancer is more common in old age.
Characteristics of ovarian tumors, ovarian cancer tumor usually girls pedicle is longer, often because of sports, jump, spin, etc., sudden turn, there will be severe abdominal pain. Sudden severe abdominal pain so girls face, think this may be, rushed to hospital treatment. Etiology of ovarian cancer is still unclear, but the impact of environmental and endocrine risk factors of ovarian cancer in the most attention, in addition to affected areas, race and family, marriage and child rearing, diet and other factors. Certain chemical carcinogens, X-ray irradiation, viral infections, such as excessive intake of animal fat may also lead to ovarian cancer risk factors.

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