What is the secret of preventing lymphoma

By | October 12, 2011

In fact, the secret is very simple to prevent lymphoma, is to eat alkaline foods to prevent the accumulation of acidic waste. The results show that: lymphoma can not be formed in the body alkaline, adjust the pH balance of body fluids is an effective way to prevent lymphoma. Should eat pangolins, toads, frogs, taro and other "soft kin of the plot," the role of food: lymph nodes Yichi water chestnuts, taro, walnut, litchi, catfish, snail, Yang Du, cat meat, oysters; fever should eat tofu, figs, barley, mung bean, bitter gourd, zucchini, water chestnut, water snake; sweating Yichi pig heart, Yang Du, oats, sorghum, bean curd skin. Pumpkin, sugar cane, asparagus should eat.
Tips to prevent lymphoma happy to avoid drinks such as coffee, onions, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and other spicy pungent foods; fatty, fried, mildew, preserved foods and seafood, lamb, dog, leeks, pepper and most good to eat.
Lymphoma prevention tips and more exercise to strengthen the prevention of physical and resist the force of lymphoma effect. If early detection through chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological targeted therapy and stem cell transplantation, the patient never fully able to extend life, and better their living quality. At the same time, should maintain a good attitude, and exercise such as walking, jogging, tai chi, etc. (feel free to exercise appropriate overworked).
However, we must note that lymphoma is very easy to relapse, should always pay attention to subtle changes in the body, like there is no fever, gastrointestinal discomfort, bone pain and sadness and so on, if there should be blood and other biochemical tests, bone scans imaging to clarify the issue.

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