Led to three major factors of malignant lymphoma

By | October 12, 2011

At present that led to three major factors of malignant lymphoma factors were genetic, subsistence methods, and environmental factors.
Factors lead to a malignant lymphoma, emotional negative emotions is a friend indeed, it will make the body acidic, can induce cancer, including lymphoma, including all. Each person will face all kinds of pressure, the pressure does not in itself against the body's own stress response to stress is the hub. Maintaining good health, attitude adjustment is particularly important. In addition, long-term stay up late will be proportionate to the body brought great damage.
Under the influence of a long period of negative emotions can lead to low immunity. The incidence of lymphoma in close correlation with the immune restrain closely.
Lead to malignant lymphoma, two factors, the environment we now make ends meet on a planet full of pollution, on top of environmental toxins to more and more people around the cancer. For their own health, everyone should start from an environmental advocate, to avoid the waste materials for a variety of users and producers. Eat less packaged food, such as biscuits, cakes, all kinds of snacks, most of these foods contain preservatives cause harm to human body; careful and precise use of various cleaning agents, try not to use hair dye; Do not smoke, including secondhand smoke.
Farmers in central and western United States reported in the early years since the use of insecticides and pesticides, the incidence of lymphoma where the population is several times higher than that; U.S. Navy ships have been engaged in the paint and contact veterans of fluoride in the high incidence of lymphoma. More positive is the original bullet de victim, who had received radiation over 1Gy Hiroshima residents and Zengyin spondylitis patients receiving radiation therapy, the incidence of lymphoma was higher than that into any crowd.
Three factors lead to malignant lymphoma, infection, infection of three organic materials to make it possible lymphoma, of course, the virus is a pathogenic factor, not with this virus will get cancer.
1. Epstein – Barr virus (EB virus) and adult T cell leukemia lymphoma virus (HLTLV-1)
EB virus is very common herpes virus family, a member of Green Dingzhuang is caused by infectious mononucleosis syndrome virus. In most cases, Epstein – Barr virus infection or mononucleosis syndrome is not a serious disease, but in immunocompromised patients, the virus can lead to cell cancer.
HLTLV-1 and T-cell lymphoma closely related to intimacy, in the southern Shikoku and Kyushu higher incidence. 4 cases of reported cases.
2. Helicobacter pylori is a widespread infection of the virus. It will lead to a slight stomach inflammation, ulcers, and may lead to gastric cancer. H. pylori and the pathogenesis of gastric lymphoma. Some organizations, such as the U.S. power giant in recent years has been the NCCN antibiotic therapy as the preferred method of mucosa-associated lymphoma. This is the application of antibiotic treatment of cancer an example.
3. HIV / AIDS lymphoma in HIV infection and AIDS in the incidence rate is much higher than the general population.

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