What is endometrial cancer

By | November 28, 2011

What is endometrial cancer? Endometrial cancer is a primary in endometrial cancer. As human life expectancy increases, the prevalence of obesity and lack of exercise, exposure to exogenous estrogen opportunity to gradually increase the incidence of endometrial cancer on the rise. In developed countries, due to the universal implementation of screening, cervical cancer deaths decreased by 50%, endometrial cancer, cancer has become the most important is women following breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, the fourth largest after the vicious tumors. State practice the incidence of endometrial cancer is lower than the European and American countries, but with the economic development in recent years has been an upward trend. In some cities in China, the incidence of endometrial cancer has exceeded the number of cervical cancer.
What is endometrial cancer? Highly malignant uterine sarcoma, occurring in the myometrium, muscle and connective tissue and endometrial stroma, but also a few secondary to uterine fibroids smooth. Uterine sarcoma is a rare malignancy, accounting for uterine tumors of 2% – 4%, accounting for 1% of the reproductive system tumors, occurs in 40 – 60 year-old woman.
Including the uterus and uterine cervix and other parts. Uterus is a hollow organ card, below the opening to the vagina. Ministry of non-uterine wall from outside to inside by the three different types of tissue. The outer layer is the serosa, with good toughness, the uterus and surrounding organs separated from the main him. The middle layer composed mainly by muscle, so look for a certain intensity of uterine and scalability, so the female controls the uterus during pregnancy is much greater than usual. Endometrial mucosa is a layer of red bean flour organization. From the onset of puberty, the ovaries and other organs under the influence of sub-hormones, endometrial thickness and structure of the present week of the month changes, and participate in the formation period. Factors in the human body itself (such as genetic) and external factors (such as drugs, food and other reasons) together, endometrium would be jeopardized. Sometimes, F endometrial cells under the effect of these factors, and human normal cells to become different, faster proliferation, and normal human cells and tissues have harmful effects, which means that the malignant tumor.What is endometrial cancer? Because the tumor originated from endometrial tissue, so called endometrial cancer.
Ovarian cancer-specific drugs – should benefit rule – megestrol acetate tablet: mainly used for the treatment of advanced breast cancer and advanced endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer have a certain effect. Can also improve appetite in patients with advanced cancer and cachexia.

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