Staging and diagnostic criteria of leukemia

By | November 28, 2011

Staging and diagnosis of acute leukemia are as follows:
Stages of leukemia and diagnostic criteria 1. Chronic (or stable)
(1) Clinical manifestations: asymptomatic or have fever, fatigue, impeach, weight loss and other symptoms;
(2) blood: white blood cell count increased, mainly in the grains and rod-shaped particles late promyelocytic cells, the original (I-E type) 5% -10%, eosinophils and basophilic finely, can have a small amount of erythroblast;
(3) bone marrow: proliferation significantly to the extremely active, with line proliferation mainly in the fine particles, fine particles and rod-night run of nuclear particles increased, the original ten-E-type cells were 10%;
(4) chromosome: a Ph chromosome;
(5) CFU-GM culture: colony or set of clusters was increased than normal.
2 stages of leukemia and diagnostic criteria. Accelerated phase (or proliferative phase): has the following two will be considered for acute leukemia in accelerated phase.
(1), unexplained fever, anemia, increased bleeding, Yang Ke, or bone pain;
(2) the enlargement of the spleen;
(3) non-induced platelet anticancer drugs with little or increased sexual knock;
(4) the original cell (I-ten-E) in the blood and / or bone marrow> 10%;
(5) peripheral blood basophil> 20%;
(6) bone marrow, a significant proliferation of collagen fibers;
(7), CML resistant to traditional medical therapy;
(8) other than Ph chromosome appears abnormal;
(9) CFU-GM proliferation or differentiation defects, increasing the cluster set, set the ratio of cluster and colony increased.
3 stages of leukemia and diagnostic criteria. Blastic phase: a person with the following can be diagnosed with leukemia in blast phase.
(1) type of primitive cells are ten E-type) or the original ten baby shower cream, or single-ten original immature single injection in the peripheral blood or bone marrow of 20%;
(2) peripheral blood myeloblast + promyelocyte or three 30%;
(3) bone marrow myeloblast ten promyelocytic Note 50%;
(4) extramedullary blast cell infiltration.
This accelerated phase of worse than, CFU-GM cultures were small cluster of growth or no growth.

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