What is early cancer

By | December 25, 2011

What is early cancer? Early cancer is the cancer without lymph node metastasis, as in the digestive tract cancer, the cancer confined to mucosa or submucosa. If the early skin cancer, cancer should be located in the skin or mucosa, but not through the basement membrane under the skin or mucous membrane.
What is early cancer, the experts generally agreed that, if there is lymph node metastasis, the early progress of cancer has developed into cancer. Early detection of cancer is very difficult. Once the most cancers diagnosed, often to the middle and late. Great trouble to the treatment, the effect is not ideal.
What is early cancer, early cancer in patients found to be very difficult, unless the cancer cells in the body surface, mouth, breast and other susceptible sites. Early in cancer cells is very limited, there is no nerve fibers in cancer tissue, so no obvious symptoms or do not have any symptoms. Cancer cell proliferation to a certain extent be violated peripheral nerve; blood of a series of symptoms appear, and then basically belong to middle or late. So in order to detect early cancer, the most effective way is to conduct a comprehensive physical examination on time, usually a year to conduct an inspection to find early cancer.

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