What is breast cancer

By | May 3, 2012

What is breast cancer in the female population is the highest incidence of a cancer incidence rate increased rapidly in recent years, the patients were getting younger and younger ages, especially in economically developed areas and some large cities, the incidence rate ranking first in all malignant tumors of women, women have become the most common causes of death among malignant tumors, breast cancer incidence and mortality risk increases with increasing age, women aged 50 10 years later risk of breast cancer diagnosis sex is 1 / 40; 70-year-old woman is 1 / 25; and if women live to 90 years of age, breast cancer incidence rate is 1 / 80, after 35 years of age the incidence of breast cancer in women began to increase, which should be attention. Thus, to improve cancer prevention and universal knowledge, is the primary task of preventing cancer.
What is breast cancer, the only way to prevent cancer: First, regular health checks, at least for a general physical examination and to learn the correct method of breast self-examination. The second is familiar with breast cancer early warning signs and risk factors for breast cancer is the only way possible to the early detection of cancer, early diagnosis and early treatment. Early results of breast surgery well, handled properly, can achieve recovery. It is regrettable that found in clinical breast cancer, mostly in the advanced or advanced. Fortunately, in recent years, due to the popularization of knowledge of cancer prevention, women's increasing vigilance of breast cancer, early breast cancer detection rate increased every year, but still not the ideal situation, the need for further efforts.

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