Early signs of breast cancer

By | May 3, 2012

Early signs of breast cancer (a) of the milk of "mass"
Early breast cancer have no symptoms (most of the cancer are so.) As superficial and difficult to be found. Once a large tumor is not always early. In order to early detection, in addition to regularly go to the hospital please check the outside surgeons, as previously mentioned, is more important is to learn the correct method of self-examination.
Milk of "mass" is the most important type of breast cancer warning signs. Breast primary tumor is a mass expression (80% -90% are the symptoms), general pain breast cancer and only about 10%.
Method of self-examination is not difficult: take the supine position, a pillow behind the pad, so that the chest to straighten, check the left one with the right hand, left hand check the right breast. Checks must be said, the ring finger and little finger four finger flat on the breast, for rotating by touch, starting with the upper outer quadrant, and then outside the inferior quadrant, the upper quadrant, the quadrant and nipple under the Ministry of sequential order of the entire breast by touch, disable finger Jinie, Jinie type check is a check wrong way, there will be false, will be mistaken for normal breast tissue mass. Do not check at the outer corner of the breast near the armpit axillary tail missing. Best to do a demonstration, please check the surgeon is very easy to learn. Once the detection of suspicious lumps should go to the hospital the surgeon review. Because not all the "lumps" are cancer, as to how to identify diagnosis, which is the surgeon's task, not the patient can learn to can do one o'clock, that is, the doctors of low seniority, it is difficult to do, only with the accumulation of clinical practice in order to gradually gain experience.
Many benign breast diseases, such as breast fibroadenoma, breast tuberculosis, breast fat necrosis, lipoma, etc., can be expressed as "internal mammary tumor."
Further examination of the methods of B-ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and indium target radiography. Aluminum target radiography has become the primary means of detection. Early breast cancer in the aluminum target X-ray films is characteristic of small calcifications, can be linearly or campus-like, each small cluster of calcification calcification within the more the greater the likelihood of malignancy in the three-dimensional positioning mainly as fine-needle aspiration and excisional biopsy. Radiography of breast screening is the true meaning, yet to make a diagnosis of breast biopsy in the accurate positioning of aluminum target X-ray and clinical examination were negative patients should be vigilant in screening interval, if the self-examination showed changes seek medical attention immediately and to take appropriate measures to blindly believe the aluminum target breast X-ray, can lead to unjustified delay in diagnosis. Al target by breast X ray, clinical, and supplemented by periodic surveys of breast self-examination is still the best way to reduce breast cancer mortality. Final diagnosis depends on biopsy (biopsy).
In mammary gland hyperplasia thickening or diffuse low echo occurs when the ultrasound examination, or mixed, ranging from the strength of the echo reflected or flaky no reflection boundary hypoechoic early cancer should be alert to the possibility.
In recent years, recommendations for fine-needle aspiration biopsy in the B-ultrasound or X ray guidance, using a thin needle into the mammary tumors, cutting or aspiration biopsy, cytology. Advantage of this method is not surgery, trauma. Drawback is that there are still a few cases, a "false negative" This is because the needle is not plugged in the tumor, there is no access to the tumor tissue due. If positioned correctly, can reduce the "false negative" probability. As mentioned earlier, the patients of negative test results still need to remain vigilant.
(B) of the nipple discharge, haemorrhagic
Nipple discharge of all 5% -10% of patients, some bloody drainage, some are serous. In the women's life, happened to find the equivalent of nipple bra on blood or water marks. Found that the signs of attention should be paid. Medically known as "overflow", this haemorrhagic, often begins with "discharge" in the papilla, or out of the yellow liquid out, this "discharge" phenomenon is the performance of mammary duct ectasia. Falling within the ductal expansion, growth, papilloma, papillary carcinoma into after a long time, and even invasive cancer, then "discharge" to "haemorrhagic." Medicine that duct ectasia is a precancerous lesion of breast cancer should be surgically removed, to prevent future trouble. If "haemorrhagic", but also advised surgery. For frozen section examination during surgery, such as a benign papilloma, its local excision. Such as the degree of malignancy, according to their corresponding radical surgery.
Sometimes that is a milky white liquid overflow nipple milk (galactorrhea), which is lactation pituitary adenomas (microadenomas) of symptoms, measured blood prolactin, such as elevated prolactin, and further for pituitary CT, confirm the diagnosis. Micro-adenoma is a benign tumor generally do not need surgery, need long-term medication therapy.
The accuracy of clinical examination of breast cancer in about 709 hair; image diagnosis (such as X ray, MRI, B Chao) check the accuracy of 80% -90%; If a medical examination combined with imaging diagnosis increases, the accuracy can reach 95 %. Check the gold standard for diagnosis of the organization can now check the core needle method.
(C) leaching Pat axillary node enlargement
Breast no symptoms and signs, but there are axillary lymph node metastasis, 10% -20%.
(D) of the skin around the nipple and its base like changes in children with chronic wet
This is a rare breast skin cancer, known as wet-yin breast carcinoma, also known as Paget disease (Paget's disease), looks like a wet-yin, but a closer observation, the red lesions of the realm of clear patches, the surface exudation Results pain and keratosis scales, and gradually expand, and even ulcer. Need for biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, often mistaken for skin wet and delay in diagnosis and treatment.
(E) of benign breast disease, benign disease into a malignant tumor may be so considered to be a risk factor. According to the statistics: those with benign breast disease, breast cancer incidence rate of benign breast disease who no 339 times, attention should be paid.
A variety of benign disease is most common lobular hyperplasia (fibrous capsule STD), which is common in women of reproductive age a disease, the incidence rate as high as 50% -60%. Breast tissue nodules form of pellets or a continuous phenomenon. Lobular hyperplasia is the most common female breast disease, it is not pathological, but rather physical in nature, the body is due to hormone imbalance or imbalance of estrogen to stimulate the secretion of rhythm over-reaction due. If further development of lobular hyperplasia, dysplasia has called pre-cancerous lesions.
Early signs of breast cancer, lobular hyperplasia due until the hospital for examination, X-ray found small calcifications and other imaging studies and identified, accounting for 10% -20%.
Excessive estrogen stimulation, the young women to breast a high incidence of fibroids, in 25-year-old age group, the incidence rate of 7% -13%, expressed as single or multiple nodules, the realm of clear, activities, quality hardware.

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