What is brain metastases

By | November 17, 2011

What is brain metastases? Metastatic brain tumor is malignant tumors elsewhere in the body by blood or other means transferred to the brain caused by more common in lung, liver and breast cancer. At present, brain metastases more than primary tumors, as one of the most common intracranial tumor, it is estimated that 20% -40% of cancer patients in the course of the disease in certain periods, brain metastasis may occur at squeak in any part of the middle cerebral artery distributed to the frontal and parietal areas such as common, and more in places, the parietal and occipital cortex Ye Zhiyuan Wang Gui and, the transfer can be single or multiple lesions. Form for the gray-brown or gray, different texture, crisp attack, cut in granular, sometimes tumor necrosis, pseudocyst formation, containing liquefied necrotic tissue. Wang Qinglian tumor environment, the surrounding brain edema. Under the microscope, the tumor tissue showed invasive growth and metastasis of tumor morphology and bud, hair tumors similar. However, if the primary tumor cells is low, and intracranial metastases may difficult to distinguish between primary glioma. What is a brain metastasis, the incidence of brain metastasis tended to increase with the increased incidence may be related to two factors:
higher incidence of cancer;
Because CT and MRI and other tests means, the detection rate of central nervous system tumors increased.
What is a brain metastasis, brain metastasis and direct infiltration of hematogenous spread are two main ways brain metastasis, lymph node metastasis is rare and cerebrospinal fluid.
1. Direct infiltration of adjacent organs and tissues outside the skull, such as eyes, ears, nasopharynx, paranasal sinuses, head, face, neck and other soft-three primary and secondary tumors are predilection sites, a common nasopharyngeal carcinoma, retinal blastoma, hail jugular bulb, which can directly damage infiltrating the skull, dura, or skull base outer surface of the pores of the substance of the brain. Another porous base of the skull around the nerves and blood vessels, loose structure, easy-to-tumor cell invasion, and some porosity is not only the periosteum and dura relative to the Committee, but also with subarachnoid similarities, such as the eyes and the eyes. After intracranial tumor cell invasion or post-subarachnoid sleep Lu Pan with disseminated brain, or deep large vessels around the brain space invade the brain parenchyma.
2. The blood transfer the majority of tumor cells through the blood to the brain metastasis is way more of them up through the artery, a small number of tumors by vertebral venous system to the brain metastases. Transferred via the blood of the primary tumor, including lung, liver, breast cancer (16.96%), choriocarcinoma (8%), melanoma (7.98%), gastrointestinal cancer, kidney cancer (7.66%), other (12%) and unknown (12.06%). As the former shell of breast cancer and the incidence of injury generation reforms than in the western countries is low and the incidence of choriocarcinoma higher than those in Western countries, so my brain metastasis carcinoma, choriocarcinoma after lung cancer, ranking second bit. Sarcoma, a rare brain metastases, accounting for only 7%, which is low on sarcoma metastasis. Lymphoid tumors in the hematopoietic system, in order to see more of leukemia, the intracranial tumor mass transfer rate of lung cancer can spread along the subarachnoid cultivated, and often occurs in patients after tumor resection or biopsy. Head outside and adjacent parts of the malignant lymph node by means of clearance around the cranial cavity or vertebral venous plexus into the cerebrospinal fluid, the occurrence of brain metastases.
What is a metastatic brain tumor, metastatic brain tumor-specific drugs:
Javanica oil soft capsule – Brucea javanica oil is a petroleum ether extract, the main active ingredient is oleic acid and linoleic acid, inhibit cancer cellDNAsynthesis, structural damage to the tumor cell membrane, is considered to be anti-tumor The active ingredients from the embolization effect of coagulation, increasedNKcell sensitivity of tumor cells and enhance the body immune effects.Widely used in clinical lung cancer and brain metastases, malignant pleural effusion, human bladder cancer, stomach cancer , prostate cancer and other cancer treatment.Also for the treatment of warts and ulcers of herpes zoster.
Javanica oil emulsion orally – the cell cycle non-specific anti-cancer drugs, for both the destruction and inhibition of cancer cells, inhibit tumor cellDNAsynthesis; directly into the cancer cells by affecting the mitochondrial membrane system and make degeneration, necrosis, chemotherapy drug resistance in human gastric cancer cells have lost the resistance transfer effect; on gastric cancer cell lines have a certain inhibitory effect, when combined with chemotherapy drugs on cancer cells can significantly enhance the growth inhibition rate; easily through blood-brain barrier, on brain tumors and brain metastases has a good effect.

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