What is a pain in the large intestine glands (b)

By | November 16, 2011

What is colorectal adeno pain? 6. Neoplasia biopsy of the right view of the site of cancerous adenomas can be in the top or middle of adenoma body, may also occur in the pedicle or base office. Therefore, the results of biopsy alone to diagnose adenoma have cancer is inaccurate.
7. Colorectal adenomas should be treated regardless of size, histological type, once discovered, should be actively treated, the current line in the high-frequency electrocautery endoscopic removal of the colon, is a key breakthrough in colorectal cancer prevention.
What is colorectal adeno pain? 8. Colorectal neoplasia after removal of adenoma by follow-up after removal of high-frequency electrocautery, the frequency of occurrence of new adenomas in 13% -48% can be missing adenoma. A group of 586 cases of colorectal adenomas removed by high-frequency electrocautery in patients 1 year after operation conventional colonoscopy follow-up examination found that: 20% of patients had new adenomas, 10% of the patients had missing adenoma. Who had a later date with colorectal adenoma risk probability of 16 times higher than the normal population. These patients should therefore be regarded as high risk for regular follow-up colonoscopy. The first follow-up examination no lesions were not completely rule out new or missing adenomas exist. Check for 2 years without lesions, after the check interval of 2 years 1; still no lesions, after an interval of 4 years, 1 check, need lifelong follow-up, the only way to detect adenomas and active treatment, as not to turn into cancer in order to effectively prevent and reduce the incidence of colon cancer.
What is colorectal adeno pain? 9. Colorectal adenomas can also be used in drug prevention drug to a recent study prevention of colorectal adenomas, more effective drugs currently considered as non-simplified anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin, the most common, some people will be 1121 cases with colorectal adenomas history of patients randomized to aspirin 81mg daily or placebo, at least 1 year after taking the drug for colonoscopy followed up the 1084 cases (97%), aspirin adenoma low risk of disease recurrence in the placebo group (38%: 47%); recently also useful Cox-2 inhibitors (celecoxib or rofecoxib) for the treatment observation can also reduce the incidence of colorectal adenomas, but recently found that Cox-2 inhibitors increase the risk of cardiovascular events, affecting the application of the preparation. I have to aspirin for the prevention of hospital observation, daily doses of aspirin 50mg, a total of more than 100 cases of patients with the placebo group, the result of taking the aspirin group compared with the incidence of colorectal adenomas comfort low-dose group were significantly different between the two groups that aspirin can prevent colorectal adenomas does occur.

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