Tonic cancer patients

By | April 23, 2012

Sibu cancer patients regardless of drug or supplement, are cold, hot, warm, cool, different types of equality, lung cancer patient's body is also different from the actual situation of yin and yang qi. Dietary supplements, should be under the guidance of doctors, according to the patient's physical condition and characteristics of different seasons seasons, select the appropriate timing of nutritional supplements and drugs, should not bite off more quickly, anxious. The application is usually divided into cold fill, Warming, Jun fill, flat fill.
(1) cold fill
Refers to the nature of cold, tired and not make the products for cancer patients with poor health, inadequate or Qi and Yin Yin who see dry mouth, red tongue, little coating, fever, hot flashes, dysphoria heat, constipation and so on. Cold commonly used supplements are pear, water chestnut, raw lotus root, mushrooms, bananas, lilies, watermelon, bitter gourd, seaweed, kelp, chrysanthemum, Rehmanniae, from Gou, mulberry sticks, Radix, Radix, element parameters, such as stone Wrestling .
(2) Warming
Refers to the nature of warm tonic for Qi Yang and see the fatigue, weakness, cold extremities, chills and so on. Supplements are commonly used in hot mutton, beef, jujube, longan, almond, peach, apricot, eel, shrimp, yellow surgery, Atractylodes, Cordyceps sinensis and so on.
(3) Jun fill
Refers to the nature of the hotter, tonic effect Junji, the rapid efficacy of supplements. The vigor of cancer patients is mainly used for off violence, death and other syndromes of yin yang death. Jun supplements should be used to grasp the disease lasts, the principle of rehabilitation of the park. Yin heat are prohibited. Jun commonly used supplements are ginseng, aconite, cinnamon, velvet, placenta and various whip wine.
(4) reinforcing
Level generally refers to the nature of the Gan-based, not cold not hot, not greasy not dry, calm and slow complementary supplements. Lung cancer patients long-term use, especially the deficiency of the patient. Commonly used are yam, Jalan Jen, lentils, seeds, sesame seeds, pine nuts, walnut meat, bird's nest, white fungus, was Ling, Shan Zhi, son arrested worship, Ligustrum lucidum, turtle shell, donkey-hide gelatin, Codonopsis, heterophylla, licorice and so on.

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