The characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer

By | April 23, 2012

The characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer, lung cancer causes of complex clinical syndrome manifestations, varying from person to person so the Chinese claim, illness, time, due to adopt a different treatment of different measures, when a Chinese herbalist, completely under the condition the stage, and distinguish the disease syndrome combined with flexibility. Generally speaking, the solid tumor of early and middle, to surgery to remove, surgical treatment as soon as possible, with Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine since then the role of adjuvant therapy, the combination of righting the dragon to evil, social evil based, righting supplemented concurrency and to avoid possible recurrence Note: for advanced patients, supplementation and timely attack: For patients with poor physical fitness, first Herbal Treatment for chemotherapy, surgery to create conditions so that the body weak state has improved, then surgery or radiotherapy and chemotherapy: The radiotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery is over, but also to repair the wound medicine, strength training supplement, consolidation therapy, improve quality of life and prolong survival.
Therefore, the combination of identifying diseases medical syndrome, the condition of patients into account, flexibility, can be associated with lung cancer as a whole.
1. With the surgical treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Lung cancer after surgery, the patient qi and blood, spleen and stomach function is impaired, the application of Chinese medicine to restore physical fitness, reduce postoperative some adverse reactions such as fever, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, such as poor stool, early resumption of the spleen and stomach function. Liujunzi soup can choose, or Bazhen Decoction. Commonly used drugs Codonopsis, Atractylodes, was Ling, Angelica, Rehmannia, White Gou, Magnolia, plot real, dried tangerine peel, licorice, ginger Pinellia and so on.
2. Benefits of chemotherapy Chinese herb
The reason why many patients are afraid of chemotherapy, one of the main reasons is the relatively large side effects, chemotherapy patients often there may be loss of appetite, eating less, or even nausea and vomiting, severe vomiting more than 10 times a day can be said to eat people, or spit, water does not into not only affect the progress and efficacy of chemotherapy, the patient's body is not more important.
Chinese medicine can adjust the spleen and stomach function, reduce the chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal reactions, on behalf of a Xiangsha Liujunzi soup recipe, and even the Soviet Union to drink, commonly used Chinese medicine has Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Ginger Pinellia, Citrus, night Ling, berberine, sage, coke Sansen, villosum and so on.
3. Leukopenia when the traditional Chinese medicine
Radiotherapy or chemotherapy at the same time, often to the adverse impact on the body. Chief among these is neutropenia, serious, and even had to interrupt treatment, a direct impact on treatment.
General application of Qi and blood, spleen and kidney of the governance law, Ba Zhen Tang on behalf of the prescription medicine commonly used in the yellow people, Codonopsis, Millettia, Huang Jing, Wan silk son, angelica, son arrested worship, privet son and others.
The characteristics of Chinese medicine treatment of lung cancer, 4. TCM treatment of advanced lung cancer
For those who for various reasons do not want surgery and chemotherapy, or loss surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer patients the opportunity, the application of Chinese medicine can improve symptoms of most patients and prolong survival.

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