The psychological condition of cancer rehabilitation

By | November 13, 2011

Cancer Rehabilitation Cancer Rehabilitation mental condition is an important condition in clinical medical practice, for many cancer patients in rehabilitation, observation showed that, to maintain a good state of mind, optimistic in life, to understand the treatment of cancer rehabilitation medical knowledge, correct bad habits and behavior, and establish the confidence of victory over cancer, and actively cooperate with rehabilitation treatment, often to obtain a good therapeutic effect, can promote the rehabilitation of the tumor and improve clinical symptoms and improve quality of life and prolong survival of patients.
The psychological condition of cancer rehabilitation (1) positive emotions of lung cancer patients so that patients take the initiative in health care workers can take subjects necessary treatment measures, and can tolerate some of the adverse Pi treatment should be, complete the required course of treatment, thereby enhancing malignant cancer treatment.
Psychological rehabilitation of tumor conditions (2) cancer patients a good state of mind so that patients inspired mood and enhance the fight against cancer fighting spirit. This can often take the initiative taken by patients with qigong, tai chi and other effective rehabilitation treatment, long-term adherence, rain or shine. Fighting spirit with the views of those who work hard even in the face of fluctuations in the disease can also ease in the struggle with cancer to experience life and create the joy of life, reflecting the value of life. These patients to achieve good therapeutic effect.
The psychological condition of cancer rehabilitation (3) optimism of cancer patients can be treated in patients with cancer from the ideological right of the intractable disease, I believe cancer can be overcome. This section of patients with emotional, emotional stability, life is full of hope, to the reasonable needs of living arrangements, as normal as life and work of the country and contribute to society and improve their quality of life, an increase of cancer long-term control or even the possibility of clinical cure.
The psychological condition of cancer rehabilitation (4) cancer patients positive emotions can be miraculous neural regulation of the body the meat? Such as the system's function to inhibit or delay the development of lung cancer, is conducive to a multi-disciplinary nature of rehabilitation measures to better play a therapeutic role and achieve good therapeutic effect.
(5) the psychological condition of cancer rehabilitation, but also through the regulation of central nervous system and enhance immune function, to correct the immune defect, mitigate or prevent the shares of therapy, chemotherapy induced immune suppression, enhance the body's anti-tumor immunity capacity, and promote the rehabilitation of the lung tumor Italy.

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