Early signs of ovarian cancer

By | November 13, 2011

Ovarian cancer is the medicine "epilepsy epilepsy", "accumulation" category. "The woman Daquan recipe" VII that "couple of people who for a long time without Jinian poor blood formula, the confidant of two threatened pain, damage to food, top thin skin." Stressed the need for early treatment of this disease found. Once the ovarian lesions can be divided into two kinds of living a rational and pathological, benign and malignant pathological changes have divided. Ovarian cysts are physiological changes in the menstrual cycle, resulting, in general, is free to shrink without treatment. For the ovarian tumor larger than 5 cm, surgical resection should be appropriate, of course, divided into benign and malignant tumors.
Removal of benign tumors can be simple, if more vicious then the extent of surgery, need for abdominal surgery and systemic chemotherapy, and prone to recurrence and metastasis, 5-year survival rate of only about 30%. Although no obvious ovarian tumor specific symptoms in early, but there are some early signs of ovarian cancer:
lower abdominal discomfort, ovarian feet yung itself as the weight of the impact of changes in the body should Shu, so often have jurisdiction over the lower abdomen or both sides of the fossa, or inflated sense of falling.
abdominal circumference buried thick, often find that their night clothes or tight trousers seem small, it noted the recent "fat." Increased abdominal or bladder filling in the morning because, while the top of the ovarian tumor, which can touch the lower abdominal mass.
ovarian cancer early manifestation of acute abdominal pain, abdominal pain mainly refers to sudden, severe, unbearable, so that much-needed shock treatment, the performance of ovarian torsion or rupture of the tumor.
menstrual disorders, endocrine disorders that occur due to menstrual disorders.
the symptoms of oppression, the oppression of the surrounding tissue of ovarian cancer is most common in the bladder and rectum, it can produce a corresponding compression symptoms, increased frequency of urination, poor ambassadors.
Some patients have symptoms of dyspepsia, suggestive of possible malignancy. If these symptoms should go to the hospital in time into the Tsai gynecological examination, ultrasound examination can be confirmed as B, which allows early diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, even if no symptoms, regular gynecological examinations can also be found as an early manifestation of ovarian cancer.

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