The principles of nutritional therapy of pancreatic cancer

By | April 22, 2012

The principles of nutritional therapy of pancreatic cancer, proper diet nutrition not only improve the nutritional status of patients, so that the patient's immunity, anti-cancer capacity enhancement and quality of life, but also improve the surgical treatment of cancer patients, radiotherapy and chemotherapy tolerance and reduce its side effects, reduce or avoid the postoperative infection.
(1) food choices vary for the patient to eat, according to its physical condition, nutritional status, food itself is ignorant of the four gas and go through five, day climate, geography, and other lifestyle changes, the implementation of "dialectical chooser "Fresh elections should illness vary with diet, vary, vary, vary by season, because treatment varies. Generally divided into two dietary proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits and dairy categories. Proteins including pork, beef, mutton, fish, poultry, beans and soy products category, regardless of animal protein or vegetable protein, mainly to provide protein and B vitamins and trace elements, such as special, drying and calcium. Means the staple cereal, that is rice, bread, noodles, porridge, bread, etc., they mainly provide carbohydrates, vitamin B group, iron, are essential human nutrients. Fruits and vegetables can supply vitamins and minerals, and most of the alkaline environment for maintaining the human body play a supporting role in acid-base balance. Categories such as dairy milk, goat's milk, condensed milk, yogurt, milk enzymes, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin D and the main source of calcium.
The principles of nutrition therapy of pancreatic cancer (2) radiotherapy, chemotherapy patients dietary treatment of patients during radiotherapy is often dry mouth, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, can be semi-liquid diet, the staple food such as rice, dates porridge, bread, ravioli, noodles, etc., together with the nutrient-rich meat, fish, eggs, beans, vegetables, 1-2 times a day, snacks available, such as milk, red eggs, spinach, minced meat patches, lotus root starch, jelly soup. Chemotherapy in patients prone to gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and some have liver and kidney dysfunction, semi-liquid diet can be a small residue can also be coupled with nutrient-rich staple food, do not eat sweets, contain too much greasy, fatty and fried foods, cooking, put less seasoning, between meals, drink some cool beverages and nutritious food to try to warm but not hot. If accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal prone to avoid eating food cramps or flatulence, diarrhea, severe cases can eat food with high bait, such as potatoes, apricots.
The principles of nutrition therapy of pancreatic cancer, (3) diet before and after surgery preoperative period, patients should enhance nutrition, increase physical fitness, prepare for the surgery. Routine fasting 12 hours before surgery, 4-6 hours of water deprivation before surgery, to keep the stomach empty, or anesthesia cause vomiting, severe cases can be life threatening, can cause flatulence gastrointestinal tract after surgery. Food choices after surgery according to functional recovery of patients with gastrointestinal conditions, the first use of liquid such as milk, fruit juice, sugar, and gradually transition to the semi-liquid, soft food and general food, dietary ratio of various nutrients from the simple gradual transition to full.

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