The first principle of prevention and treatment of gastric cancer

By | October 9, 2011

The first principle of prevention and treatment of gastric cancer is more likely to be vegetarian men than women

Gastric cancer is a common digestive tract cancer, more men than women more prone to suffer from this cancer. Experts point out that the digestive system illnesses, such as: gastric cancer , gastritis, gastric ulcer, colon cancer, mainly because of eating too many animal foods and processed foods (the so-called "processed food" is the removal of fiber, minerals, vitamins, food , sugar, white rice and white bread, etc.).
The first principle of prevention and treatment of gastric cancer, usually carnivores need to eat more meat juice to digest their intestinal tract is relatively short, so that meat can quickly corrupt body. Like many people love animals, meat and meat, but because man has no inherent function of meat animals – our animals, gastric acidity is only half the meat, can not digest meat quickly; intestine is also much longer than the meat of animals can not rapidly discharged corruption of the meat.
Therefore, experts believe that the first principle of health is to eat high-fiber plant foods, which is vegetarian.
If you can not give up meat-based diet also should be light, not too many types of food each meal. The food we eat is too complicated, the burden of the stomach and the digestive system is. For example: digestion of carbohydrates and protein foods, the different needs of digestion, if consumed at the same time, both of which can not completely digest, can cause stomach overdrafts.
No complete digestion of food can easily accumulate in the intestines corruption, to provide an environment of harmful bacterial growth, which is one of the reasons cancer. So the best way is high in protein and carbohydrates at the same time not to eat food, such as: meat should not and rice, while eating bread. Vegetables, and carbohydrates or beans can match, but fruits are advised to eat alone.
If you follow these principles, will not cause too much burden on the stomach, causing indigestion, and finally lead to a variety of digestive diseases.The first principle of prevention and treatment of gastric cancer, the best meal eat some fresh, not cooking the fruit, vegetables and bean sprouts. Their vitamins help prevent stomach cancer.

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