The etiology of colorectal cancer

By | April 19, 2012

Etiology of colorectal cancer, (a) the motherland medical knowledge
Six Hollow Organs colon is one of the post of Secretary for conduction, the transfer of the functions are normal and the lung, spleen, stomach, liver, kidney are closely related.
(B) understanding of modern medicine
Colorectal cancer although the cause is not yet clear, but factors associated with the disease can be summarized as follows:
1. Colorectal patients Meat
Pathogenic factors in colorectal cancer, malignant polyp is one of the main. According to general statistics, the incidence of colorectal polyps in a colon polyp were higher than the element with about 5 times.
2. Dietary factors
High incidence of colorectal cancer directly and more economically developed countries is that regional differences and ethnic and genetic factors unrelated to the main living habits, especially eating habits and nutritional differences in the way, such as the diet of meat, fat, refined carbohydrates but the lack of crude fiber content and composition.
3. Benign tumor of the war changed
Often seen in clinical practice colorectal adenoma to cancer, colorectal cancer and illustrates the close relations between colorectal adenomas.
4. Chronic colitis
Ulcerative colitis colon cancer incidence in the general population.
The etiology of colorectal cancer 5. Genetic factors
According to the report, in a positive family history of colorectal cancer, the disease was higher than the normal population of about 4 times, indicating that the incidence of colorectal cancer may be related to genetic factors.

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