Overview of colorectal cancer

By | April 20, 2012

Overview of colorectal cancer, colorectal cancer is the occurrence of the rectum, colon malignancies, one of common malignant tumors in the digestive system. The incidence of part of the rectum for up to 56% _ 70%, sigmoid 12%-l4%, 3% of the descending colon, splenic flexure of 0.6% – 3%, 2% -4%, transverse colon, hepatic flexure of the 0.7% -3% , 2% -3%, ascending colon, cecum _6% 4%
According to China's provincial statistics, colorectal cancer mortality in a variety of malignant tumors accounted for the first 3_6 place, individual regions such as Zhejiang Jiashan County top the list. But the world among countries and regions, the incidence of significant differences, according to the World Cancer Epidemiology investigation of colorectal cancer found in developed countries, such as: North America, Western Europe, Australia, dumb and New Zealand, a higher prevalence Home visceral malignancy in the first two, in the developing countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America countries and regions in order to lower the incidence of Eastern Europe, the Nordic countries, the incidence of many medium.
Overview of colorectal cancer in recent years, as China's economic development, people's living standards, changes in diet and colorectal cancer, the incidence rising trend year by year, Chang Ai in Japanese post-war economic development, the incidence of a rising trend year by year. The disease changes in bowel habits and abdominal pain as a feature, occurs in 30-50 years, 45 years as the incidence peak of the incidence of male than female, ratio of about 1.6:1, male and female incidence between different blood there are differences in the ratio of rates, 0 blood type incidence of colorectal cancer in patients with male to female ratio was 1.7:1, A 1.3:10 blood of patients abroad for colorectal cancer in elderly patients as many patients under the age of 30 less and China's a good age of 10 years earlier than abroad to 15 years, 30 years of age accounted for 11% _13% of patients present, prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer although the increase in some large cities the situation resection of colorectal cancer after 5 years survival rate reached 60%, but the development is uneven, need further emphasis on early diagnosis and early treatment need.

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