The clinical manifestations of liver metastasis

By | October 23, 2011

Liver metastasis of primary cancer occurred before most of the resulting symptoms and signs, but the majority of asymptomatic liver metastases were found in clinical examination.Clinical manifestations of liver metastasis of primary liver cancer were similar to, but slower development than the latter, the symptoms are mild. In addition to clinical manifestations of primary tumor, liver, more than minor or obvious symptoms such as abdominal or liver discomfort, pain, stomach cancer can cause bloating oppression, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, patients mainly to the late the right upper quadrant pain, hepatomegaly, anemia, yellow disease and ascites. Yellow Fever typically be found in the terminal early, but lymphoma and other blood-lines of spread of liver metastases can occur because of compression and early yellow bile duct disease.
Clinical manifestations of liver metastasis, liver cancer, laboratory tests: the most common abnormal biochemical tests for the serum alkaline phosphatase increased, often at the same time with lactic dehydrogenase, glutamic acid increased the enzyme transferred skin. There may be more extensive liver metastases hypoalbuminemia, anemia, elevated bilirubin and transaminase. Check the significance of tumor markers in hematologic questions below.
Intrahepatic metastasis of HCC with multiple tumors is the most common clinical manifestations of the imaging features (B super, CT, NMR, etc.). B-in the "bull's-eye sign" is a typical example of metastatic liver cancer.

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