Tertiary prevention of gastric cancer

By | April 24, 2012

Tertiary prevention of gastric cancer, due to complex causes of gastric cancer patients of different physical factors, on the prevention of gastric cancer and interference, and to promote tertiary prevention.
First, primary prevention of gastric cancer
The etiology and pathogenesis of prevention. Based on the epidemiological investigation of gastric cancer etiology and factors to consider, first of all the people to strengthen the science related to propaganda and education on prevention of gastric cancer, to correct bad habits, especially bad Hom eating habits.
1. Avoid rough foods: such as corn, sorghum and wheat and other with a hard shell, eating a mechanical upper gastrointestinal tract mucosal injury, such as accompanied by inadequate intake of protein and fat, then the damaged mucosa can not be timely repair.
2. Eat less salt or fat food: salted fish, ham, bacon, etc. contain more salt, detrimental to the integrity of gastric mucosa, such as exists at the same time there are other carcinogenic substances, can promote the development of gastric cancer. The amount of salt consumed per day should generally be less than lOg.
3. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, drink milk: These foods are rich in vitamins, may participate in repairing the body's natural anti-cancer barrier to prevent chemical carcinogen in vivo synthesis.
4. Eat smoked, fried and baked foods: fried fish and poultry, smoked and baking processes can make 3,4 – benzopyrene content increased, and therefore eat less in order to clear beef broth, stewed as good.
5. To improve eating habits and ways: eating on time, to avoid overeating; food are not too hot, not eating too fast, eating should be a pleasant mood; does not drink alcohol, do not smoke.
Tertiary prevention of gastric cancer, two secondary prevention of gastric cancer
The promotion of "three early", that is, early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. Monitoring high-risk groups of gastric cancer, such as chronic atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia, gastric ulcer, gastric polyps, gastric remnant after surgery, pernicious anemia, and various stomach problems caused by HP-positive patients, especially those with family history of gastric cancer, 40 over the age of patients with stomach long treatment should be periodically reviewed, on these possible precancerous lesions should be through the X line, wild-dimensional mirror Disarmament to take into the United States and Latin derivatives to monitor live, once late diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for as early as possible, while in control of these precancerous lesions should be "relentless treatment, to cure", Chinese medicine research in gastric precancerous lesions has made good progress.
(A) atrophic gastritis
Most of the major pathological changes gland atrophy, mucosal thinning, loss of normal barrel shiny red, reduced secretion of gastric juice. This is the stomach yin deficiency syndrome differentiation. The Stomach Yin (liquid) must rely on gastric metaplasia yang effect, it reduced gastric secretion, but also the stomach yang enough. Similarly, the inevitable lack of stomach yin yang of gastric metaplasia. Metaplasia of the stomach due to stomach yin yang is the material basis of lack of stomach yin yang gastric metaplasia is passive, and the sun damage is the result of sinister, so atrophic gastritis with stomach yin yang all the empty stomach syndrome. Dark dark color gastric mucosa, suggesting that the spleen and stomach Qi Jing decline, so that the receiving stomach, Stomach down, transportation of spleen, temper rising and so are affected, so the clinical manifestations of dull epigastric fullness, anorexia, warm air upper abdominal symptoms such as indigestion-type more common in middle-aged group of patients, often accompanied by low gastric acid and anemia, a cancer trend. Astragalus is appropriate to rule Jianzhong Jianzhong soup or soup diagnosis and treatment of small and close observation.
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