Symptoms of uterine cancer

By | April 30, 2012

Symptoms of uterine cancer, clinical manifestations of early cervical cancer , often no obvious symptoms, the more typical symptoms of vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge increased, the proliferation of advanced cancer patients due to the emergence of the corresponding symptoms.
(1) The main symptoms of cervical cancer
vaginal bleeding: To contact bleeding, more common in the future sexual life or gynecological examination, "the woman rules" that "the transfer of any woman that is bleeding." The amount of bleeding may be more or less. Usually less blood loss early and late lesion is large, can be expressed as the amount of bleeding, and even bleeding. Young patients have showed menstruation, cycle time, the amount of increase in the number. Performance of postmenopausal women with postmenopausal bleeding.
leucorrhea: white or bloody vaginal discharge, the thin watery kind, were for the mucus, Migan like, taste fishy. Late may be secondary to infection, vaginal odor sexual partners was stock. "Fu Qing Zhu female subjects" that "were taken off the yellow foul fishy … … … … the air is too hot and humid Conception Vessel.
Symptoms of uterine cancer (2) gynecological examination: bimanual and triple the clinic examination. Shall include the cervix, Palace, parametrial tissue, vaginal fornix and the Department and other parts.
cervix: erosion-like smooth or was. Foci also showed a cauliflower-like, nodular, ulcer, or cavity formation, Temple tube cancer (cervical adenocarcinoma) cervical barrel can be presented, but the surface of the cervix can be smooth or slight erosion, no obvious foci. Cauliflower-like carcinoma is crisp, easy to touch the bleeding. Surface covered with gray necrotic tissue.
Palace: the size of a normal, if the foci violation of the uterus, may increase Palace, fixed.
uterine tissue: tumor infiltration of the main house of generous ligament ligament can be made thicker, nodular, hard, irregular, forming clumps direct pelvic wall, fixed.
vagina and fornix Department: violations of the vagina and vaginal vault foci Department, checks the quality of visible foci hard tissue thickening, lack of flexibility.
Symptoms of uterine cancer (3) and permits or severe symptoms
vaginal bleeding: Vaginal bleeding may be more or less, blood red or dark red, pink, or dark purple, or clip a blood clot. Bleeding for a long time, can cause collapse, shock; long-term performance of a small amount of bleeding may have anemia.
urination disorders: for frequency, urgency, hematuria, ureteral compression caused by cancer. Severe cases can lead to obstruction, stagnant water, leading to uremia.
abnormal stools: the performance of constipation, tenesmus, mucus in the stool, may be associated with embryo door bulge, pain, due to violations of pelvic connective tissue cancer, rectum caused by pressure.
pain: There is pelvic pain, leg pain and walking bad, because foci violation of pelvic connective tissue, pelvic wall, such as the emergence of sciatic nerve compression.

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