Symptoms of malignant lymphoma

By | October 21, 2011

Lymphoma symptoms
Malignant lymphoma patients, about 40% of patients may have fever, can be presented fever, irregular fever and periodic fever type, there are night sweats and weight at 6 months decreased by 10% or more of the systemic symptoms such as performance. Malignant lymphoma, systemic symptoms, and other skin cancers are still itching, tiredness, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Late secondary infection more common, may be complicated by band hail cytomegalovirus infection, fungal infection, tuberculosis, sarcoma and reticulum cell sarcoma Xin also complicated by leukemia, the Guinness Book of disease with leukemia or small.
Symptoms of malignant lymphoma, malignant lymphoma (NIL) is a set of primary in the lymph nodes or other lymphoid tissue malignancies, Hodgkin's disease can be divided into (the HD) and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (the NHL) two categories. In China, NHL accounts for about 1-1L 95.1%, malignant lymphoma in our annual death rate for men is 1. 35/10 million, accounting for the first nine common malignant tumors in female O. 96/10 million common malignant tumors accounted for the first 11.Lymphoma symptoms, the incidence of male than female, male to female ratio of 1.4-3.7:1. The disease occurs in young adults 20-50 years of age may be related to virus damage or defects in immune function, long-term chronic infections, some physical, chemical, long-term stimulation, genetic and other factors.

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