Laboratory examination of leukemia

By | October 20, 2011

Leukemia laboratory methods are the following:
(1) blood: a typical blood picture shows anemia, and from the cytoplasm and volume changes. Trespassing of noise from the reins to 300-500 Xl09 / l, the individual can be up to the pharynx 109 / l, less may as low as 5X109 / liter, and even brother tick 1X109 / liter. Since the time of peripheral blood cells increased. Ming infantile leukemia cells, for the diagnosis of leukemia, one of the important independent regime, but since the cells decreased in the funny red hair is difficult Shique protein, red blood cells, platelets, reticulocyte called red bridle.
Leukemia laboratory (2) bone marrow: a diagnosis of the main allies of the disease a significant proliferation of nucleated cells, primitive cells in culture was more than 4. Than 6% for the diagnosis of suspicious, more than 30% of those attending dome fight over more than 90%), young red blood cells, megakaryocytes were significantly reduced Hb.
(3) fine facilities staining and vital staining; there Ke leukemia typing. Commonly used method is to split Dan black peroxidase staining, sugar sources staining, neutrophils Ji staining hold soup, and other non-specific staining vinegar.
(4) Interpretation of lymph node biopsy smears check: may, as from the fighting and could not confirm the bone marrow of acute leukemia.
Leukemia laboratory (5) electron microscopy: can solve some of the regular capsule E wail to solve diagnostic problems and improve the accuracy of the classification of acute leukemia. China has started scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopic cytochemical ultrastructure of Technology overrate their own strength.
(6) Immunological studies of leukemia cells: lymphatic immune markers used to identify T cells, B small giant cells, no labeled cells and plasma cells, and to make estimates. This test will help lymphocyte differentiation and diagnosis.
(7) cytogenetic examination: the results of chromosome examination turn to prove the existence of leukemia, what type of re-testing the efficacy and prognosis. Broken chromosome can also be combined with the success of allogeneic bone marrow transplant, when to start the bone marrow and blood cells into a donor cell type. Abnormal body structure can be changed and the amount of change.
Leukemia laboratory (8) Other: decreased serum albumin, and self-globulin more. Blood uric acid increased. Increased urinary excretion of uric acid. Blood P vitamin BI2 activity was significantly increased, the majority of partial plasma iron, total iron binding capacity were significantly lower than normal. 24-hour urine steroid excretion was significantly lower than normal. In the rush orders lysozyme activity in serum and urine increased significantly.

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