Risk factors of gastric cancer

By | April 18, 2012

Risk factors of gastric cancer, gastric quarter rib area in the upper abdomen, above the diagonal from the left and right front below the long axis was oblique. Select the top of the entrance door, said connection with the esophagus, lower exports, said pylorus, and duodenum connected. The risk factors of gastric cancer are the following.
(1) stomach disorders : i have some of the gastric body of patients suffering from gastric ulcer, gastric ulcer in the cancerous on the basis of age of onset less, the general anatomical structure of the stomach indicate female attributes than men, more in gastric body. Domestic information. The cancer rate in the 60/0-18% range. When the stomach gastric polyps, especially adenomas, and large (diameter greater than 2 cm) or more, they should be removed as a precancerous lesion, or there is the risk of cancer, general cancer rate of 11%. In addition, as megaloblastic anemia, pernicious anemia, chronic atrophic gastritis,
Stomach disease can be induced disease and gastric cancer tetir after partial hepatectomy, are a risk factor for gastric cancer. Long-term follow-up of chronic atrophic gastritis 10 to 20 years, about 10% of cases cancer. Helicobacter pylori infection and duodenal ulcer and gastric cancer are also relevant.
(2) high-salt diet: We have 127 cities in Henan province, county and national eight provinces, the District 574 city and county investigations, have shown that high salt diet and a significant correlation between the incidence of gastric cancer. High concentrations of chloride content expertise to teach the stomach membrane barrier easily damaged, so vulnerable to carcinogens in the stomach Bo membrane invasion and cancer. So, should eat light, bland diet can not only reduce the risk of gastric cancer, but also reduce the prevalence of hypertension.
Food for Preservation,
Cancer of the risk factors, often to add some nitrate substances. After ingestion of excessive nitrate and nitrite processed foods, an increase of nitrite in the stomach synthetic rubber opportunities, nitrite rubber is a strong carcinogen.
Eat fruits, vegetables and fewer people at increased risk of gastric cancer, mainly because a lot of fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and trace elements and some other anti-cancer substances. Therefore, to eat more fruits and vegetables. Recommend adults eat fruit every day 100 to 200 grams (2 to 4 two), 400 ~ 00 grams of vegetables (8 to 1 kg.)
(3) environmental factors: people in the home or workplace, regular contact with fruits and vegetables contain cancer-causing substances to some dust or pollution, mildew and other harmful chemicals, which can increase the risk of gastric cancer.
(4) blood groups and gastric cancer: A type or subtype of blood group A person who has a high risk of gastric cancer. The exact cause is unknown, probably because the blood of people with such a disease and gastric cancer associated genes.
(5) family history of gastric cancer: If a person whose parents have both parents or brothers and sisters who suffer from cancer, then my risk of gastric cancer will increase. This is mainly structural in their body cells have a mutant gene, and this gene can be passed down from generation to generation.
Gastric cancer risk factors, in short, the above situations, should be early in the attention. Scientific and rational allocation of diet, change bad habits, eat more fruits, vegetables, limit excessive salt intake. For stomach disorders who have family history of gastric cancer, or A-type blood group, should be under the guidance of a doctor regularly to the hospital-related medical examination.

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