Rehabilitation period of dietary conditioning

By | April 11, 2012

Cancer patients receiving treatment also face a variety of restore health and prevent recurrence and metastasis of the problem, therefore, should focus on eating healthy recovery and prevent recurrence and metastasis to consider. Cancer patient's diet is correct, reasonable, and the prognosis, treatment and rehabilitation are closely related.
After initial treatment, patients are often relatively weak body, nutrition is very necessary. Emphasized the principle of high nutrition, comprehensive nutrition. Sense from treatment, to select the benefit of more food. Body recovered after anti-metastasis and prevent recurrence of a major contradiction. Rehabilitation period of dietary conditioning , in addition to ensuring the supply of nutrients, but should choose has to improve immune function, anti-cancer, anti-cancer effects of foods such as sweet potatoes, soy products, celery, garlic, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, figs , kiwi, hyacinth, Nan Shan, mushrooms, mushrooms, fungus and so on.
Rehabilitation period should be reasonable based on the patient's own situation with different food. If the patient drug deep excessive heat, thirst, irritability, fever and constipation should eat fruits such as pears, watermelon, orange barrels, eat fresh vegetables, rice and some cool stomach the food. Pay less if dry mouth, nausea, spicy food should be taboo. For the meat, according to their population ignorant of the appropriate choice of lean meat, chicken, rabbit meat and fresh fish, shrimp and eggs and other protein foods. In order to enhance the body's immune function, may be appropriate to use yams, mushrooms, mushrooms, white fungus, lily, asparagus and other foods. The food on the rehabilitation of cancer patients have some supporting role. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy patients weakness, loss of appetite, but also often eat radish, hawthorn and other aid digestion of food.
Some people mistakenly believe that the reason why cancer patients suffering from cancer, because the body has "poison, use detoxification, drug detoxification and food therapy, rather than using" fill "method, do not improve nutrition. This idea is wrong. because the tumor itself is a malignant wasting disease, patients should consume a lot of energy and nutrients; cancer patients underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy process will consume a large amount of nutrients.
There experiments showed that 1 week before radiation therapy to special diet to help the efficacy of the patients was 97.5%, higher than the special diet was not helping the efficacy of the patients (63.3%). 1-week efficacy of nutritional supplements that would allow patients with this level of difference in the whole course of treatment if patients have given good nutrition, then certainly more conducive to adjuvant therapy, in which patients recover sooner. It should be noted that a reasonable, comprehensive, balanced nutrition. Therefore, cancer patients need to strengthen nutrition.
Rehabilitation period of dietary conditioning, in short, should be "two-thirds rule seven support" principle, according to the specific circumstances of cancer patients, a reasonable conditioning diet, and strive to diversify, improve nutrition, promote physical rehabilitation.

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