Rehabilitation of cancer patients

By | January 20, 2012

"Health" or health; "Fu" that recovery, rehabilitation means that restore health.Cancer patients have recovered from cancer patients means health recovery process, it is through the application of effective means to achieve that cancer patients build confidence and overcome the cancer, reduce complications, prevent disability and improve quality of life and prolong survival, for reintegration purposes.The rehabilitation of cancer patients throughout diagnosis, treatment and recovery process.The rehabilitation of cancer patients, including psychological rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, recovery after chemotherapy and radiotherapy rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, and many other aspects.Rehabilitation of cancer patients is a long process, but also requires patients, family members, medical staff and the community work together to complete.
When a person suffering from a tumor later, bound to a series of psychological reactions, such as long-term mental stress, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, injustice, despair and so on.Study found that adverse psychological reactions of these organisms can cause neurological, endocrine and immune system a series of changes, resulting in inhibition of immune function, hormone imbalance, so that the monitoring body's normal ability of cancer cells weakened or even disappear, the cancer cells therefore to occur and development.Therefore, effective psychological rehabilitation, not only can block the vicious cycle, and the benefit of cancer patients and recovery.
Rehabilitation of the psychological rehabilitation of cancer patients is cancer rehabilitation the premise of the rehabilitation process in the tumor plays a leading and pivotal role.Psychological rehabilitation of cancer patients do, first of all to patients with tumors positive psychological counseling so that they correctly understand cancer, and establish strong confidence in overcoming the cancer and survive the strong belief, mobilize the body's initiative and positive emotions to improve the body's resistance to disease; actively cooperate with the doctor, followed by a comprehensive treatment of standardized, I believe that modern medical science and technology, for the best treatment; then there are ways to select the appropriate training, step by step, perseverance, spirit and physical strength allowed in the case of do some work or whatever part in some social activities, the establishment of a new life goal, the pursuit of the value of life and fun.
The family is the cell of society, each individual life is the most warm, the basic environment.In terms of cancer patients, family members are their most trusted, closest.From cancer patients suspected or established as the tumor, since then, the family members that take a very long period of rehabilitation with the help of the role of cancer patients.Family members first get the correct understanding of disease, cancer patients, cancer is not incurable, pursue the right treatment, will be able to obtain better results.Family members of patients with the spirit of the abnormal and negative emotions, and to be patient for comfort, ease, and from the spirit of giving them support and encouragement, to give them about some happy things, and together they look forward to a bright future after rehabilitation, enable them to build confidence and overcome the disease of a new life of hope and courage.Meanwhile, family members, but also closely with doctors to do the work on the treatment of patients, including not only the treatment of patients during hospitalization, but also intermittent treatment or rehabilitation of in accordance with the prescription of the treatment at home.To closely observe the patient's condition and response to treatment in time reflect the real condition to doctors, for doctors to provide disease analysis, therapeutic evaluation and treatment options reference.Family members to patients in their daily lives in every possible way to be considerate and care for diseases caused by the physical discomfort and life can not take care of themselves, be careful to give care and assistance.In short, for cancer patients to create a good, caring family atmosphere, in terms of rehabilitation of cancer patients is essential.
With the progress of social civilization and the development of the medical model has changed from the biomedical model of society – psychology – the biomedical model, disease is not the individual's biological concept of disease occurrence, development and outcome closely with the community relationship.The tumor is currently seriously affect human health, harm the family and society, major diseases, cancer patients not only for themselves, but for the family, society, groups will bring a lot of implications, prevention and treatment of cancer in need of social concern and attention, cancer patients need the sympathy, support, care and assistance.Society for treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients to provide the necessary medical, life and economic security, to set up to help and guide the rehabilitation of cancer patients society organizations, advocacy to cancer patients to lend a helping hand and volunteer Social Activities, to respect the social status of cancer patients, including the provision of equal schooling, employment opportunities, recovered after treatment of cancer patients, according to the specific situation of their choice or to provide suitable work to help their reintegration into society to continue to contribute to society .
Medical rehabilitation in cancer patients is undoubtedly plays a leading role in the eyes of their status in cancer patients is sacred.All cancer patients to doctors who want all their faith in the doctor's words and actions can affect the patient most emotions, play an irreplaceable role.Therefore, it requires a doctor must have a high sense of responsibility and superb medical skill, not only to cure diseases, but also to rule, "person",inaddition to developing and implementing rational and effective treatment, but also to ease cancer patients overcome the psychological barriers to They explain some of the tumor prevention knowledge, especially the promotion of new prevention and treatment of the current progress of the tumor and the promising results, with the facts of this treatable disease patients and change the "cancer is an incurable disease," the wrong point of view, so that they correctly understand cancer, and establish the confidence to fight cancer, with a good attitude, and actively submit to and cooperate with treatment.After discharge and follow-up of cancer patients, doctors should help them to develop rehabilitation measures and to guide their lives and their families to maintain close contact, timely communication and exchange, and ensure that cancer patients both in hospital or in the hospital, their whole process of medical rehabilitation are in the doctor of the effective monitoring and guidance.
The rehabilitation of cancer patients not only of physical exercise can enhance the physical and the body resistance to diseases, but also through physical exercise to relax tension and increase opportunities for interpersonal and emotional communication, derive support, encouragement, and thus stimulate life passion and confidence to overcome the disease.However, cancer patients and normal subjects, after all, different, so the exercise should grasp the following principles:
1, activity time, time to moderate exercise every day, not too long nor too short, too often physically can not afford, they are often too short to reach the purpose of exercise, preferably based on a daily basis morning and evening exercise for half an hour to1hour, and regularly.
2.Activities are generally based on personal preferences, interests and specific conditions to determine the discretion to choose walking, small running, climbing and practice the qigong or tai boxing, jumping fitness dance, playing baseball and o
ther activities.
3.Activity intensity activities is very important to grasp the strength of the general activity intensity should be weak to strong, gradually increased and began to have a process of adaptation, but also to the actual situation according to their own and capabilities, to feel relaxed and happy after exercise rather than exhausted.
In addition, in order to get a good training effect, exercise should be to relax and eliminate all distractions and interference, in order to maintain a good health of their state of mind.It is noteworthy that, in the interval of chemotherapy, due to low body resistance, it is generally not in public places to exercise, to reduce the chance of infection, if the need to exercise indoors or in the hospital for his own.
Rehabilitation of cancer patients, cancer patients during treatment generally do not participate in the work, mainly because the patient's mental, physical or normal work has been incompetent, but need to focus and go all out to meet the doctor's treatment, in order to secure the best treatment and a speedy recovery.Cancer cured, those who have no obvious complications, sequelae, or physical handicap who, after a period of time at rest can be back to work, do whatever to warrant the excessive consumption of light caused by physical work.Cured cancer patients resume work on the rehabilitation of patients is beneficial.Work is the most basic human rights and demands, not only for the purpose of the work to obtain a remuneration or income, is more important is the work reflects the value of life, the pursuit of and dedication.A lot of determination, dedication and strong anti-cancer star, who despite suffering cancer, and resolute struggle against the cancer, the tenacious perseverance, positive attitude, to work wholeheartedly to reflect their value of life and life significance.The cancer patients with normal to work together, but also to improve the atmosphere of their environment, to dispel their concerns about the disease so that they return to society and regain self.On the contrary, if the tumor patients to return to work, then make them loneliness, feelings of inferiority and a sense of abandonment by family and society, so in the spiritual and psychological sense of oppression, loss of confidence in life and hope, so that will not only prompted repeated illness, tumor recurrence, and even cause them to commit suicide idea.

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