Quality of life of cancer patients

By | March 29, 2012

Quality of life of cancer patients include mental status, physical condition and other aspects of social interaction, which is integrated in all aspects of patients on the status of their overall assessment, is a multidimensional, subjective, dynamic concept.
Quality of life of cancer patients 1. Adapt to changes in the appearance of "sex" is often seen as young and healthy people are proprietary. Sexuality is often determined by the surface beauty, and not by some characteristics such as kindness, maturity, sense of humor made a decision. Of course, not everyone is perfect "10", when people threatened by cancer, usually only on the self-assessment often than others, most people underestimate their own appearance. Cancer treatment, people often focus on the affected parts of the body, for example: women undergoing chemotherapy, may be afraid of her wig does not look natural. Of self-confidence as follows: First, focus on the characteristics you think the best, followed by limitations in the appearance of cancer on you, can feel physical or health damage. When you are undergoing cancer treatment, can create the illusion of health, make you feel more attractive, which is caused by cancer cover change, and will focus on the point you think best.
Quality of life of cancer patients 2. To change negative thinking: Thinking you can decide the direction of "sexual experience" is good or bad. To always tell yourself how sexy you are. For some the experience of failure, you may have this idea "how he might want a woman only one foot." We often give up is a good lover. Write down what you want to be a lover, some three most common negative thoughts. Some thoughts and cancer treatment may be related, but some may already exist in many years ago.
Quality of life of cancer patients 3. Adapt to the appearance caused by chemotherapy, the impact of noon: chemotherapy most obvious change is the hair loss. If the side effects of the stomach or loss of appetite, weight loss or muscle may reduce the situation. You may have a clear, pale, and may also have a permanent catheter implanted in the shoulder or arm them.
Chemotherapy due to changes in the body can hide some, or at least reduce the. If you just started chemotherapy, hair fall out before you can buy a wig. If your hair is very long, you can even be cut off, and then wear a wig. It will be hot to wear a wig and not very comfortable, so I can go to the hospital when going out or when wearing a wig. You can also collect a lot of private, scarves, scarves or hats. Can be in public wearing a hat instead of a wig. Can be discussed between husband and wife when they make love, wearing a wig or turban how they feel. It does not matter right or wrong. For weight loss and increased, pale and implanted catheter cover is a major problem. Typically medium size clothes look better, wear too tight or too loose all of the weight change can lead to the attention of others. Long-sleeved dress with high collar or tube can be hidden, but in the summer, usually uncomfortable. Wearing thin fabric would be more cool. Sometimes because of changes in the body is so frustrating that you can not relax or have a positive idea. Do not use it as a failure to grasp the problem with your health professionals advice to you is helpful.
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