Postoperative care cancer patients

By | April 18, 2012

Postoperative care cancer patients, (1) back ward patients after surgery for spinal anesthesia, supine position should be taken to go to pillow, 6_12 hours after the change of position; for general anesthesia were not yet awake, shall be hand care does not awake before anesthesia should also be taken supine, head to one side, and pay attention to keep the airway open, if vomiting, immediately wipe or sucked vomit to prevent aspiration.
(2) moderate or major surgery 1_3 days after, the patient may appear moderate degree of fever (less than 38 C), often for the operation "to absorb heat," does not require any special treatment.
Cancer patients after surgery care (3) after surgery in patients with conditions permitting, should strive to get out of bed as soon as possible. Get out of bed activities help to promote blood circulation, prevent thrombosis; is conducive to breast muscle decreased, increased respiratory movement, the long-term bed rest to prevent the occurrence of hypostatic pneumonia; help promote the recovery of bowel movements to prevent adhesion, and play to enhance appetite and help digestion.
(4) after surgery patients should be fasting for some time, the duration of fasting should be determined according to different conditions; anesthesia oropharyngeal anesthesia is not clear or did not resume, should be forbidden to drink fast, to prevent aspiration; children after gastrointestinal should generally be fast 24_72 hours until the dirty door and then started a small amount of exhaust liquid.
(5) for indwelling drainage tube surgery, shall be kept unobstructed drainage drainage tube to prevent loss, compression or distortion, in particular, be careful not to drain tube and reservoir bag (bottle) lift too high to avoid drainage of fluid back and causing retrograde infection.
Surgical resection of metastatic tumors What is the indication of what?
Metastases depends on the indication of surgical resection of primary tumor biological characteristics and the basic application of the primary tumor surgery or other treatment effects. In general, metastatic tumors for surgical removal of primary tumors has been well controlled, and only a single metastatic disease, no other distant metastasis, patients in good health, able to tolerate surgery, surgery no serious complications after.
Cancer patients after surgery care, clinical practice, the application of solitary pulmonary metastasis effect of surgical treatment is certain; brain metastases is life can be a serious threat to the Society, it is a single brain metastasis is often the indication for surgery . Currently, surgical treatment for metastatic tumors has been duly noted, and found that some metastatic tumors were removed, the tumor's primary focus also will go away.

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