Significance of cancer patients follow-up review

By | April 18, 2012

Review the significance of cancer patients were followed up, we know that cancer is still an intractable disease, intractable reason for this is because of its biological characteristics of recurrence and metastasis, therefore, any tumor can not be smoothly carried out because of sub-Shu therapy or radiation therapy to declare the end of treatment, also have to undergo regular review and follow-up. After treatment, cancer patients were followed up for regular review and the meaning is:
(1) cancer treatment is a long, arduous process, although some tumors had surgery or radiation therapy, but these therapies are local treatment, it should be according to their stage, pathological type and so on comprehensive treatment to consolidate the therapeutic effect, especially when the other parts of the initial treatment is likely to be found lurking Weineng when micrometastasis, should then take appropriate chemotherapy, biological therapy comprehensive treatment measures to achieve long-term cure.
(2) tumors of various treatments have some side effects, even serious complications, some of these side effects is the recent, while others are a long time to appear, and timely review and follow-up treatment for a variety of side effects, also can be identified and addressed.
(3) adhere to the long-term treatment in the process of monitoring, review, evaluation and timely treatment and may adjust the treatment, and early detection of tumor recurrence, metastasis, and the appropriate treatment.
Significance of cancer patients were followed up for review, (4) study concluded tumor effect of various treatments in order to further improve the scientific basis for therapy.

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